OnLive Game Service Preview - Is this the future of PC gaming?

In March of 2009 when OnLive was first announced, it was deemed to be a questionable but potentially revolutionary change in the direction gaming was headed. OnLive's vision is to instantly connect gamers to games via a broadband connection only - no need for gaming consoles or expensive gaming PCs.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The OnLive beta ran flawless on my connection. Can't believe it actually works.

Alcon Caper3288d ago

my bro works IT for Terminal Reality and he showed it to me. It worked! We're in Texas.

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specialguest3288d ago

I have a gaming laptop that is able to run current games smoothly at medium-high settings, but I know it'll be obsolete very soon. I'm tired of dishing out a lot of money to upgrade again, so OnLive might be a future option if the connections and servers run like how it's supposed to run.

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Ninji3288d ago

But it's still better than the 360.

ATi_Elite3287d ago

I can see this replacing the console very very easily but not the PC.
Sony and Microsoft loose money on every console sold and this would eliminate that profit lost.

Sony and Microsoft would just sell games through this service. No more consoles. (no more fanboys yeh)

As far as Local PC gaming, way too many companies rely on PC gaming, from chips to coolers towers PSU GPU CPU, not to mention Newegg.
ATI AMD Nvidia Intel would all be in a very bad shape if they went from selling millions of Cpu / gpu's to only thousands of basic chips for computers for internet broswing.

This is a console killer. But what about ISP's with bandwith caps?

JsonHenry3288d ago

I am more excited for console only kiddos more than anything. This really opens up the doors for them in terms of what they are missing and don't know it yet.

Droid Smasha3288d ago

even onlive looks like better option than a ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.