10 New Lair Screens

In a world ravaged by endless conflict and natural disaster, a call for peace turns into a bloodbath of betrayal and deceit in Lair for the PS3.

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CrazzyMan4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

this - =)
but well, just a 1st wave game, maybe on 2-3 generation we will get such or maybe not. :)

EDIT: those who disagree, don`t wish? LOL. =))

Nicosia4732d ago

Man if it looked like that i would be sold.

Intresting read though:
- With over 60 minutes of beautifully rendered cinematics and professional voice-overs - NICE, those cut scenes look beautiful
- With amazing 30-frames-per-second high-definition visuals - Man i thought it was 60 fps... meh maby i'm uninformed.

Total Hotness;

felidae4732d ago

these screenshots blew me away. Lair looks amazing.

THWIP4732d ago

"With amazing 30-frames-per-second high-definition visuals, Lair is one of the first 1080p native resolution games, offering jaw-dropping, lifelike graphics."

Since when is 30 fps "amazing"?? They should have aimed for 60 fps and 720p. Every gameplay video I've seen, shows how sluggish this game is in action. Not exactly the 120 fps, 4D experience Kutaragi promised. ;)

Karibu4732d ago

does more than say gears with 30fps.

4D, use wiki to see what it means, tard.
120fps, PS3 is capable yes. Did Kutaragi really say Lair offers those?
Or all games for that matter? I seem to have missed it. Damn.

DJ4732d ago

Your jealousy adds so much life to this site. Thanks. Thank you for your presence.

unsunghero284732d ago

I hate how whenever anyone points out how what Sony said compares to the actual PS3, Sony fanboys start to get pissed off.

Jesus, all he basically was saying is that he prefers 720p w/ 60fps over 1080p w/ 30 fps and you guys, like, shoot molten hot balls of fury up his ass.

felidae4732d ago

if this game has 1 frame less than 60 i won't play it.

some people are just ....

solidt124732d ago

This game will be awesome. The photos were not captured that good but I know how well the game looks so it is ok.

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The story is too old to be commented.