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Braineater24483344d ago

Hmmm...maybe it's time to buy a PSP?

bmw693344d ago

Metal Gear Solid is definitely the standout title here...

Redlogic3344d ago

I know alot of people rag on the psp...but I happen to love my PSPgo. I don't have as much time to game as I would like, so i bring my pspgo to work and play on lunch breaks or if I carpool to work I play it on my way. Its much easier to find time for a psp and its got some quality games. I love chinatown wars!!

STK0263344d ago

Well, I already have 2 (a 2000 and a PSPGo), and while after a quick look at GFaqs' list of upcoming PSP release, I thought this was going to be the PSP's worst year (yep, even worse than the first 2, which, in my opinion, were quite underwhelming, to the point that I sold my 1000 back in the days), but after seeing this list, I think this could be its best year, and probably its last aswell.

Blaze9293344d ago

what is up with that Resident Evil PSP game Capcom!? I want to see some footage already or at least hear some details. That whole "being designed with the PSP Go in mind" still worries me becuase I'm still on PSP-1000 and do not plan on getting a Go.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3344d ago

So many games, so little time....... T__T

RealityCheck3344d ago

Wow, talk about overload, I had no ideas that many games were coming on the PSP this year. With a ton of anticipated games on the consoles already, I'm not sure how I will find the time to play all the ones that I would want.

Highatus3344d ago

Wow, that list is looking really good. Need to buy a memory card for my Go now.

criticalkare3344d ago

Wow lot of good games this year! now is the time to get a PSP for my birthday :)

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