Unreliability of Our Current Generation's Consoles

BNG's John Tan writes, "I may be doing this under strong emotion, but it's valid nevertheless. I have a question: raise your hand if your Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii has died? I can be quite sure a vast majority have your hand raised as we all know this is a large issue these days; however, not as bad as earlier this generation. Another question: how many of your Playstation 2's, Xbox's or purple green lunchboxes (Gamecube) died. I cannot raise my hand. My Playstation 2, which I purchased second hand is running fine after a year of use. My Gamecube has been running without a hitch ever since launch, yet I've gone through two Playstation 3's and waiting for my third."

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Sanzee3218d ago

While some of the console's of the current generation have had their share fair of problems in the past, they are, for the most part, functioning above average now days.

-Alpha3218d ago

the 360 is pretty much the most unreliable console of all time. Good thing there was a 3 yr warranty (MS had to do it anyway), but regardless, the 360 really did make everyone really cautious and worried.

I'm still paranoid with my PS3 getting YLOD. I am out of warranty and screwed if anything happens.

Also, this article really doesn't say much. It's more of a forum post considering that all the guy did was say nothing new.

Cold 20003217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Wheres Darkrider66 ?

This is the perfect thread for him and his 3569 RROD stories, rather than spamming other threads that have nothing to do with RROD.

edit: lol @madden raiders pretending PS3's never have reliabilty issues. You know, pretending wont make it come true.

Here are some genuine PS3 owners who dont have their heads too deep into $ony's arse.

But then again, they're probably just part of the conspiracy, cant trust anyone no more :)

Lightsaber3217d ago

I dont know of anyone that ever had a ps1 or ps 2 that didnt break ps consule have always had an extremely high failure rate. This has alwasy done by design sony makes all their products to have a very short life span so so that customers have to buy new tv,s walkman, vcr, dvd players and the list goes on and on. Sega and Nintendo design their system to withstand just about anything I remember kicking my snes across the room once. I thought I had broke it for sure went to turn it on and it still work in fact I had it for years after that. I also know I drop both my snes and gensis more then once.

As far as xbox goes well I know a lot of people have gotten rrod however I've personally never had an issues with mine. The 1st xboxs were very well made too.

HammockGames3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Getting either one sucks.

But my newer PS3 (slim) and 360 both seem to run cooler and quieter.

I just want to be able to play the games I paid good money for - nothing more, nothing less.

Unicron3217d ago

I have my launch PS2, PSX, and PSP. All work flawlessly. Why? Because I take care of my damn stuff (no, I don't baby it). My N64 still works, but I went through 3 Gamecubes.

I love how people dont put games back in cases, put consoles on carpets, etc. Then they wonder why they break.

DaTruth3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

You know there could be more than 300,000 very vocal complainers out there and still the PS3 will be well within industry standards.

Why do you think Sony's practically begging everyone to take them to court! They will have a very public court decision saying their console is reliable!

It's like that show that made a big thing about PS3's YLOD and then stated at the end that there was 25,000 complaints about faulty hardware. Sounds like a lot right! At the beginning of the show they stated there were 2.5 million PS3 owners in the UK and that puts it at 1%. They got out a message of PS3 faulty hardware, while covering themselves from a lawsuit, because technically they said nothing wrong, just made it seem bad!

Viral marketing at its best!

Darkstorn3217d ago

The original Xboxes were amazingly durable. I got mine in 2003 and it's still going strong, with only a couple of freezes in its lifetime. It's a shame the 360 is comparatively very unreliable...

feelintheflow3217d ago

My launch day xbox360 died about 2 years into it. RROD, got a new one from best buy, had the extended warranty, no problems with the newer one. Nice that it has hdmi when the first one didn't though. My wii died early on, dead pixels, caused black dots all over the screen. They replaced it. I had 2 ps2's, 1 xbox, 1 dreamcast, 2 ps1's, 1 sega genesis, 1 snes, 2 nes, 1 atari, 1 intelivision, 1 colecovision, 1 adam computer for the colecovision, 1 Odyssey by magnovox.

Saaking3217d ago

Consoles? I think they mean Console. Only the 360 is terrible. The PS3 and the Wii are extremely reliable.

HammockGames3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I think we can (mostly) agree that Microsoft royally screwed the pooch at the start of this generation - at least from a quality standpoint.

Making a bunch of last minute changes in the 360's design without considering the form factor & taking the time to adequately test & troubleshoot really came back to bite them.

It would stand to reason that the gradual changes they've introduced have improved system stability, but in effect they've been locked in a battle with the original design since day one - and as a result, consumer perception.

Assuming Microsoft makes a third gen Xbox it would be hard to believe they won't test the living crap out of it before coming to market.

gamingisnotacrime3217d ago

I am on the same boat as you.
My 2 year old fatso was overheating a few months ago, so i took measures to provide my PS3 with the most optimal environment. The PS3 failure rate is within industry standards, but i have read too much about Blu Ray lens failure, or YLOD, etc. Electronics brake with time and the PS3 is no exception specially the older fatso models.

the 360 failure on the other hand is too high, MS messed up that one

Government Cheese3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Its funny, my 360 broke but not from RRoD. Instead, when the NXE update came out, it killed the HDMI port in my console. For some reason if you had a certain combination of Vizio HDTV, Philips HDMI cord hooked to your 360 then the sound just stopped working lol. So I sent it back and got a new one, and recently the stupid disc tray has been acting up, sometimes it doesnt read discs so I have to reset the console.

My Wii also had trouble reading discs. I sold it on Ebay though because I needed money for school but I'm gonna buy another one again.

My PS3 hasn't broke though. My (fat)PS2 did though, Disc Read Error problem...

The more advanced that electronics get the more prone they are to breaking, its simple as that...if the product is rushed out earlier then it will fail even more obviously. I applaud Sony for making such a stable console this gen though.

thebudgetgamer3217d ago

i kept having flashbacks of the 5200 (damn i hate it) but now its getting better and im almost ready to jump in. once i talk the girlfriend into it.


HammockGames3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

@ Alpha & Gamingisnotacrime

There is some good news. If you're out of warranty on your PS3 it isn't too difficult to fix a dead Blu Ray drive or even the YLOD for that matter. I should preface that - it isn't too hard if you are comfortable handling the nuts and bolts inside of the system.

My launch 60 GB PS3 has been through both but I haven't had either recur after a single fix for each of these problems. It actually works and sounds like the day I first bought it.

There are some good walkthroughs on Youtube if you do need them. A fellow named Gilksy or Gilksey does a nice YLOD repair series.

Hopefully you won't need to resort to this, but the original (and IMHO best) models were more prone.


Megaton3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

2 80gig PS3 YLOD's, and 1 PS2 phat DRE here.

Never owned a 360 or Wii, but I've owned almost everything since the NES, and none of them broke except the ones listed above.

A Cupcake for Gabe3217d ago

Even though the 360 has the durability and reliability of a pinto, I think the RRoD is a thing of the past.

madjedi3217d ago

@cold 2000 you are really not in any position to be giving anyone a lecture about having their head up a corporation's ass.

TheDeadMetalhead3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

No broken consoles here, yet. I'm still on my first PS3, first 360 and first Wii. I'm very careful with them, though. I even point an electric fan at my 360 whenever it's on. @[email protected]

Although I HAVE gone through 3 PS2s, 3 DSs and a Gamecube. :S

Persistantthug3216d ago

Unless you have plenty of money and/or you aren't concerned much about your game system(s) breaking, you should never be the first to buy systems within their first year of release. Personally, I tend to buy at the 2 year'ish mark after release. Why?
1. Price. Systems are usually higher priced, obviously,
2. Little software usually available during the first year, and then when its 2 years old, you'll get all of that old software for pennies on the dollar.
3. Breakage. If a systems gonna have issues, its gonna be within its first year, sometimes 2, of its launch date.

Long story short, early adopters are usually the test guinea pigs for said product.
If you just can't wait, then by all means, do what you gotta do, but for me, I just won't. And so far, I've never had any game console malfunction, including my older brothers Atari 2600 and NES that went to me.

Never has happened and I don't wanna start now

gamer20103216d ago

I do get the point of the article. I know this generation's consoles in general definitely seem to be more prone to problems. I know lots of people that have had their 360s and PS3s die on them.

My personal experience is a little different. Last generation I had two PS2s die on me but my Gamecube and Xbox never had any problems. This generation luckily I haven't had a problem with my 360 or my PS3.

Trevorthenerd3216d ago

the ps3 maybe but the wii has a really low failure rate :) They even offer a free repair if your wii is bricked because of the 4.2 update I would like to see sony or M$ do that...

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Troll_Police3218d ago

Yeah, the 360 has the highest failure rate in consumer electronics history. The only console facing a recall and was forced to issue a warranty.

Elven63217d ago

When was the Xbox 360 recalled?

Godmars2903217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

How many times has its warranty been changed?

What other console, whta other product in general, has had money set aside to specifically cover its repair costs. You'd think someone going to that much trouble would have had a recall.

The only reason that this generation of consoles is considered messed up is because of the example the 360 has set. The PS3's YLoD didn't start happening till a year after release and had a quickly discovered cause in 1st production units. The RRoD, from which YLoD was named, was reported literally day one of the 360's launch.

Elven63216d ago

n4gn4gn4g: Saying something "Faces" a recall can means it was recalled or is on the verge of being recalled. All official organizations that have done polls on the Xbox 360 failure rate have put it under 50% as over 50% is needed for a recall to be explored by most companies. The ones that did put it at over 50% were simply site user polls which were subject to much controversy.

Godmars: I didn't say anything about the warranty. A recall isn't always a feasible thing to do, perhaps they figured it would be cheaper to do the warranty than recall all consoles on the market when the problem at the time was still unsolved. (the newer heatsinks greatly reduced the chance of RROD)

Godmars2903216d ago

No, from a business standpoint, especially with a high-profile product, a recall isn't always a feasible thing to do. That's why MS did everything short of one to prevent irreversible damage to the brand. That's why I brought up a warranty that went from being 90 days to one year to three, much less the billion plus check they wrote to cover it.

It should have been recalled, but MS couldn't afford to do it.

Elven63216d ago

What good would a recall have done instead of the warranty when at the time you had no feasible solution? All you would be doing is giving everyone a new console that still had the RROD fault within it.

Godmars2903216d ago

My point exactly.

If MS did a recall, held it a few months till they've fixed RRoD, even if they managed to re-launch before Sony or Nintendo, the 360 would still have the stigma of being a faulty console.

Instead they opted with the warranties and took *years* to fix a problem they left their customer base to deal with. For that made RRoD famous.

Elven63216d ago

That doesn't make any sense at all, how would Microsoft have known a solution to a problem would have happened within a appropriate time frame? If a majority of 360s were gone no one would buy software and that would give the competitors an edge.

Godmars2903216d ago

Yes, that's the thing: MS didn't know how long it would take to fix, so instead of doing a recall and stopping production, they continued to make 360s with the flaw attempting to correct it in later production models. Turned the possible time to fix from months to years because they did it on the fly.

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FishCake9T43218d ago

What? My PS3 has been working since luanch. I can still remember the days when you had to blow N64 games to make them work.

sealion883217d ago

lets not forget the snes and gameboy days! Hoping the nintendo logo isnt screewed up!

velaxun3217d ago

Man I remember popping pokemon into my old fat gameboy and seeing the nintendo logo come down all blocky. Jesus that brings back memories. And my NES flashing strange colours on the screen and refusing to load the games. Good ol days

wicko3216d ago

Yeah my 60GB launch ps3 is fine too. I've never had issues with the 360 either but my manufacturer's date is 2007, around the time they added HDMI ports to the 20GB models.

A friend of mine used to have issues with his PS2, disc read error I think it was. I don't know about the xbox or the gamecube dying, but I didn't really know anyone who owned those either.

Mr Blings3218d ago

been through five 360's, one broken ps3 (bluray drive), no issues with the wii. To be fair its not just video game consoles. My ipods havent lasted more then a year and a half to two years a pop without a battery or hard drive failing.

Somnipotent3217d ago

the wii would have to be used for it to break... i kid!

Digitaldude3217d ago

Hah I lol'd.
The wii is used alot less, hence the overall smaller failure rate.
However it may very well be the more reliable console of the 3.

Nugan3217d ago

Aside from the well established issues with the 360, there is nothing exceptional about the hardware failures of this generation.

The PS3 has a pretty standard failure rate, compared to previous generations, and the Wii has an amazingly low failure rate.