God of War III: Assembling the Score

Recorded at Skywalker Sound and remotely in Prague, the 'God of War III' videogame score is one of Sony's biggest productions. Watch how it was pieced together.

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snipermk04507d ago

That is some extensive sound effects/music they are working towards for the game. Can't wait to hear it all in LOSS-LESS audio.

4507d ago
DigitalAnalog4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

2nd Game after Uncharted 2 using SKYWALKER SOUND!

-End statement

Antan4507d ago

Quite a number of games have utilised the facilities at Skywalker.

Gran Touring4507d ago

Can't wait for this game :)

gameraxis4507d ago

best score in any franchise imo