Resistance, Killzone, and MAG "cater for different audiences"

TVGB: "With the arrival of MAG on PS3 next week, Sony will have three FPS titles exclusive to their console. Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 sparked a friendly rivalry last year, and now Zipper's huge online shooter has entered the fray. We asked Scott Rudi, senior designer on the game how he saw it stacking up against the other two at the MAG 256 event in London yesterday."

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SoapShoes3245d ago

MAG is for Socom fans and fans of team oriented games, Resistance is for Sci-fi shooter fans, and Killzone is for hardcore shooter fans.

All three are very different from eachother.

360hasnogamesfor20103245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

all this games is EXCLUSIVES of ps3...

360hasnogamesfor20103245d ago

best shooters so far in this gen..

SlaughterMeister3245d ago

KZ2 is for fans of Hardcore shooter games, Resistance fans like a more casual/arcade feel, and MAG players are blind!

raztad3245d ago

blind? I dont get it.

NVM, Good job Sony on catering different gamers. When MAg is out I'll be playing all of them. Resistance for the coop, KZ2 for the crazy fragfest and MAG for some tactical action. Good fun.

goflyakite3245d ago

lol @ the MAG comment.

But this is true, these games are very different. It's good to have variety.

Sevir043245d ago

It's exclusives push boundaries. and Zipper's Got my Money.

jalen2473245d ago

Like others have said. Resistance is more of an arcade shooter like Call of Duty. Killzone is a realistic shooter. MAG is a tactical shooter i.e. Socom in first person.

Socom was very popular on the PS2, I expect MAG to do well.

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