Dark Void PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison

Videogameszone checked the graphics between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Dark Void.

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HowarthsNJ3193d ago

I'm just judging from the demo BTW.

I took issue with the target specific ammo. A bullet is a bullet and should damage what you shoot it at.

OGharryjoysticks3193d ago

One of the more obvious signs to spotting the multiplatform game that's better on PS3 is review scores. When the game doesn't score real high, it's actually often better on PS3. But when the game is hyped up to be something more than it is and given an obscene score, it's usually the other way around and performs better on 360.

Just an observation.

Simon_Brezhnev3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )


You make a real good point. They never lower a 360 game if its not up to pair with the PS3.

Hakimy3193d ago

Dragon age disagrees with you.stop the conspiracy thing already!

solidt123193d ago

I wonder why they gimped the 360 version, they completed took out lots of details. Another thing the demo was bad but the game itself is much better. I wonder why the didn't show the vertical combat in the demo, thats my favorite. I don't get it.

Christopher3193d ago

I never trust screenshots for comparisons. People do some of the most bias of stuff with comparisons in general, it's just much easier to provide a load-buffered scene of a screenshot on one console versus another to try and prove that one is better looking.

I'll wait for the Lens of Truth comparison.

LONEWOLF2313193d ago

lol, it seem like most of the time the 360 version was loading its textures while the pic were taken ANYWAYS who cares the game sucks!

Rush-Sykes3193d ago

It's a demo anyway hard to tell if there going to be in the final product. And other then the plane dash board which is totally weird the 360 version just looks darker which could be for any number of reasons.

mastiffchild3193d ago

More little differences that mean nothing at the end of the day. Christ, I played and enjoyed Bayonetta on PS3 more than I enjoyed the demo on the 360 even though some sites and people would have you believe the PS3 version was so bad it melts your bloody eyes! Fact was the slight(though actual , which did kind of make a change)slowdown at odd times and a few long loads were nowhere near enough for me to change my choice as they didn't outweigh, not nearly, my preference for the DS3 controller over the 360 pad. In actualy fact the issues were so small that I really wouldn't have noticed them unles I'd been told(which I had been in an OTT way for what seemed like an age!)and now we have a comparison of DV, a game that was surely killed by it's own averageness, awkward flight controls and godawful demo(seriously, it made even THIS game look worse-I always thought the misleading demo was a Sega speciality too!)being put through the entirely pointless comparison wringer! Great!

Again, yes there's a difference but the aim was tro make them identical so the fault lies with the dev and not the 360 here-as it ALWAYS does no matter which console gets the minute advantage(that they even use programs to find if they can't see the damn screen tears or slowdown!).Are we likely to vchange from playing on our console of choice because of these things? The last time a game was bad enough to make me change was the terrible Orange Box port to PS3(and even then the Valve made 360 port was pretty weak in it's own right and was only any good by comparison to a sticker on PS by EA)but since then never. Playing for free online and controller preference do it for me but for someone else they might like the 360 pad better or have mates gamiong on L:ive that they want to play against or compete with for gamerscore or whatever-all reasons which seem a lot more importnt than a dropped pixl or two on games which aren't ever among the best looking on either console so what exactly does ANY of this stuff prove beyond the fact that some devs just aren't good enough to maatch the versions even below optimal levels for either platform, no?

I'm starting to think these articles exist only so the guys who write them kee a job-they need programs to find issues? What IS the point if your eyes don't detect things? What's the point when , even if they do, the differences aren't worth a fig anyway? And they VERY rarely are.

4Sh0w3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

but in general I don't mind the comparisons because normal gamers who own both like them to find out if there are any significant differences between the 2 versions so they can REALLY GET THE BETTER ONE, the only problem here is this comparison is tainted, just looking at the screenshot comparison on this thread and its clearly a very poor comparison as its obvious 360 pic's are taken while loading, I'll wait for Lens of Truth, they seem to explain and show the technical details very well, not that it matters anyway, aside for simple curiousity I not too interested in this game.

I also got to disagree with you on Bayonetta, there have been alot better examples of ps3 ports being just as good or a few slightly better in ps3's favor but Bayonetta had some clear performance differences on the ps3 vs the 360 version, IGN did a vid for both showing this, along with some other good sites I trust. However I do agree that more was made of the difference than should be, some especially ironicly many ps3 fans act as if the game was unplayable or horrible on the ps3, nothing could be farther from the truth, its still a kick-ass game on either console, just more of a gap between it and the 360 version that we've seen in sometime for a multiplat. That said its clearly no fault of the ps3 and the finger should be pointed directly at the dev.

darkmurder3193d ago

For once it looks better on PS3, game still sucks

SullyDrake3193d ago

They're equal. I've played the demo on both, for one.

For two, this game is on Unreal Engine 3. Somebody obviously took that 360 screen from an unloaded texture, as the Unreal Engine 3 is as well known for it's ridiculous pop-in as it is for it's detailed textures and great lighting.

Rush-Sykes3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

The whole Bayonetta thing again...

1) Bayonetta had pretty much Half the frame rate as the 360 counterpart making the gameplay NO WHERE near am smooth. that's not hard to notice unless you have really bad eye sight the human eye can see above 30fps. 30fps is just a average min before it looks laggy Bayonetta PS3's average fps was 26.

2) There where whole environmental objects missing you can't notice a huge plant pot missing?

3) You can't notice a load screen when you pick up an item?

4) Everything was alot less colourful and washed out.

But your saying you got Bayonetta on the PS3 when you had the option because of the DS3 sorry but that's just bias. Bayonetta Is superior on the 360 and its noticeable end off.

I forgot about texture pop-in great point. Anyway this is just some terrible attempt at a hit back from the PS3 crowd for Bayonetta. Even though its Sega they should be mad at not the 360.

joydestroy3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

lol what happened with some of the detail in the 360 shots???
doesn't matter. won't even be renting this one.

edit: the devs should be ashamed.

pop-in inside the cokk-pit or whatever that is!?!? rofl

mynd3193d ago

The PS3 can pull data form the HDD and Blu-ray at the same time.
My guess is this game has an install?
In which case the higher res/mip levels will be stored on the HDD, while the lower res stuff stays on the BR disc.
Makes streaming the Higher-res stuff a bit faster.

In the end, if the game was installed to HDD on both, I wonder if there would be a difference?

SilentNegotiator3193d ago

Identically mediocre no matter what system you play it on.

Bigpappy3193d ago

There you go PS3 fans you get this and we get Bayonnetta. I am so envious. Now hopefully they just make it exclusive to PS3 so I don't have to keep skipping past it. That is the worst demo I have ever played. I don't think it is possible to fix what is wrong with this game. It plain and simply sucks arse.

badz1493193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

look at this;


that is one hell of a difference! but based on the demo alone, the game is CRAP!

bozebo3192d ago

not sure I trust those screens. for one thing they probably have the video settings (brightness, colour etc) different (you can change them in the ps3...). there are probably select areas where the ps3 version can look better and I would bet that is because there is much more storage space, meaning higher res textures can be saved... but the difference wouldn't be as extreme as screenshot #2 - that is texture pop in for sure.

they both look the same in the end.

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Shane Kim3193d ago

PS3 version superior as all other multiplat games.
The game itself will still suck though.

Karooo3193d ago

but thats not true, although i am happy ps3 gets good ports :)

azazin3193d ago


No offence, I do prefer the PS3 any day however that statement isn't true because most developers nowadays don't care about actually getting the PS3 port to the same quality (only the money).

borgome3193d ago

Let the PS3 fanboys have this, the game is garbage. It will go great with the rest of their collection.

CernaML3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Spin baby spin! Ps3 multiplats are starting to look better than the 360 multiplats. "Bu-bu-bu... teh games are teh garbage!!!"

Holy crap is pic 2 for real?!?

Edit: Oh, apparently this game runs on the Unreal Engine.. That would explain it. -_-

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Troll_Police3193d ago

Well, they can't talk about sales no more and now they can't talk about multi plat comparisons so what now and they never could talk about quality so what now?

N4PS3G3193d ago

Eurogamer Multiplatform Comparison

Xbox 360 wins- 109
PS3 Wins-15

You were saying?

talltony3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

End of.

edgeofblade3193d ago

Maybe someone should call the Troll Police. ...Oh, I see...

bozebo3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

how comes games for windows scores the lowest number of wins most of time? Graphics on pc are in about 99% of cases better than the consoles. And if it is games for windows then they have to support controllers correctly (though some games like [email protected] ignore it) - even though a mouse is far far better if aiming is required. PC games can only be degraded by being a bad port, and usually the other up sides far outweigh the issue (eg, mw2 - the issues on pc due to it being a bad port are also on the other platforms, if it was a good port - dedis - then they just wouldn't be present on the pc platform).

following that link I couldnt find any of the actual pc comparisons, ign wanted me to log in and the eurogamers figures were selectively taken from various articles - they havn't done a specific head to head comparison. some very interesting ones overall though - usually when the ps3 loses it is only because the image settings are bad :S the actual rendering process is usually incredibly similar or better, and seemed only to be worse in mw2.

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Troll_Police3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I just looked at the screens and the PS3 version looks much better by a mile. It looks like 3rd party devs are finally taking advantage of the PS3 and not letting the Xbox hold them back anymore. Keep it up guys.

Dance3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Dark Void is using the Unreal Engine and they took the shot with without letting the textures loadup so that site should not be taken seriously

PirateThom3193d ago

So, the 360 has problems loading textures from it's "faster" DVD?


JsonHenry3193d ago

Texture pop-in should be taken into account when comparing formats - but anyone that puts it in the comparison pictures and tries to pass it as an actual difference in game loses all credibility.

StanLee3193d ago

Dude, are you high?! The game looks like crap overall. Clearly it's a case of a "lazy developer" since neither version is impressive. Funny how when the game looks better on the PS3 developers are "taking advantage of the hardware", even though the game clearly looks unimpressive and pushes neither console's hardware. You fcuking fanboys are so annoying.

ReBurn3193d ago

There are examples of texture pop in on all consoles right now, unfortunately. The first Mass Effect was riddled with it, and both Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed 2 on PS3 have it. I chose PS3 for my Assassins Creed platform of choice, so I've seen it first hand.

Not sure I'd even bring it up when pulling out the old console measuring yardstick.

edgeofblade3193d ago

The Open Zone is that way. It's for trolls mostly, but the blind are also welcome there.

Take a look at the other shots besides the c0ckpit shot. Identical.

GiantEnemyCrab3193d ago

You really are trying hard.. poor little fella..

I know you and your fellow dogs have been kicked an awful lot this gen.. Cheer up, things are bound to get better.

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Dance3193d ago

I have looked at a few other comparisons on that site and it looks as if they are going though a lot of trouble of making the 360 version look worse

GiantEnemyCrab3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Agreed this isn't the first total bullsh*t comparison this site does.

I will wait for a site that actually compares these things with some technical detail and not GLARINGLY obvious crap screens this site uses for 360. It's funnty every one of their comparisons has favored the PS3 and all are the complete opposite of sites that do these comparisons and have a reputation for them.

bozebo3192d ago

the 360 is graphically more powerful, but is held back by the lack of storage space for high resolution textures. in the end what should happen is ps3 games have a higher level of detail if you move in close, it is also possible for there to be higher poly counts on models. generally though the more powerful gpu of the 360 overshadows the extra storage space, not to mention most games are made with the 360 in mind anyway and don't put the effort in to make use of the ps3's storage space. Also, the colour correction settings on both platforms are different, and the ps3 is often left looking whitewashed when there is no performance reason for it.

that image is almost definately an example of texture popin. you can tell immediately by the site design and usability of that it can't be trusted.