Zipper: Xbox Live "more juvenile" than PSN

Zipper Interactive's Ben Jones has said that he believes Xbox Live is "more juvenile" than PlayStation Network, and that MAG "definitely fits more" to the PlayStation audience "because of the things that are being said over Xbox Live".

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The Meerkat3190d ago

Or in other words.

Ben Jones says most people on PSN don't have headsets.

Wrathman3190d ago

yeah.but your indox will be full of crap bout your mom, with bad grammer and spelling.

and when your gettin abuse on the psn you cant understand it on low quality bluetooth headsets.probably the one daddy uses while he drives.

JsonHenry3190d ago

Like the guy above says, almost no people mics on the PSN, but your inbox will be spammed with insults instead.

Corrwin3190d ago

Or that anybody with a head set on PSN is old enough to afford one.

lociefer3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

lol wow, so u guyz like paying 50$ for live so ur moms can get verbally abused by preteens ?

AndyA3190d ago

"yeah.but your indox will be full of crap bout your mom, with bad grammer and spelling."

Stand back, the irony detector is about to blow!

Bungie3190d ago

i like using a headset when playing online

PSN community don't use headsets

i guess it's just a personal preference

JsonHenry3190d ago

No, we pay $50 so we can have the best (for a console) experience available online. That and all of my friends prefer to play on LIVE instead of PSN.

ActionBastard3190d ago

I missed the requirement to talk while in an MP game with strangers. I have a headset and love it. I use it when I want to, not b/c everyone else does or enjoys spouting off ignorant stuff.

talltony3190d ago

To me its the biggest reason not to pay for live especially if you already have a ps3.. And I was actually surprised how many people had mics in the mag beta but it would be smart if sony bundled mics with mag like they did with warhawk.

gaffyh3190d ago

Quite a lot of people use headsets in MAG actually, just not so much in other games.

JsonHenry3190d ago

@action bastard - I tend to only play games where people need to work together as a team to win. So for me having only one or two other people at most on a team that can call out enemy positions and whatnot defeats the point of me playing online with them.

That, and I think all the racist and childish remarks are funny. (laughing at them, not with them)

AntoineDcoolette3190d ago

Crappy blue tooths? Everyone I hear on SOCOM (which is as bad as xbox live), Warhawk, MGO, or Uncharted 2 is clear. In boxes full of insults? I've only had trouble with that one on 2 occasions. Marvel vs Capcom 2 (people get so pissy over those matches) and one time someone kept sending me inflammatory comments calling me a religious [email protected] because I have Saint in my PSN name...

3190d ago
Christopher3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I don't care to talk to people online. 360 or PS3. So, in the end, it comes down to how much BS and annoying crap I have to hear. I'm hoping MAG isn't filled with such things so I can actually enjoy it.

As far as Ben's comments, just not a good thing to say in general. Even if it was true, it's best to not bar one's teeth like this and to be more gracious towards your competitors.

talltony3190d ago

How can a organized 256 player online fps suck? Its like a dream come true for me.

ActionBastard3190d ago

Games where teamwork is needed (Warhawk, Socom, Fat Princess, etc) I use my headset. But playing a Free for All in MW2, I don't. Ultimately, it's a players choice.

tordavis3190d ago

I wonder how the comment section would be if it was turned around and Gabe Newell was the one actually saying it.

Blaster_Master3190d ago

Yeah, your p2p xbox live games are teh best. LOL!

kneon3190d ago

Apparently most don't feel the need to talk just because they can. I wear a headset and it's almost always on mute. In MAG it was on because the game benefits greatly from good communication. There is always going to be the occasional A-hole online but they seem to be in far fewer numbers on PSN. And in MAG I never came across even one, but I'm sure that will change once it's out. But I expect those type of people will quickly lose interest and move on to COD 6.5 or whatever run'n'gun FPS they desire.

And I have yet to receive any crap email on PSN from anyone, all I get are friend invites from random people I don't know. Oh and some holiday greetings, again from people I don't know and have never talked to. Yeah those are some pretty obnoxious messages :) I've found most people on PSN to be pretty friendly and helpful, especially on the MAG betas

darkmurder3190d ago

This guy has no cred after the beta atrocity that was MAG.

ThanatosDMC3190d ago

There were a bunch of annoying kids that were talking in MAG nonstop last time i played. When no one paid attention to him or just muted him (i didnt know how) he started shooting at the team.

Guido3190d ago

It's so true that the PSN is home to more mature adults than Live. In the end, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You want mature gaming experiences, you play on the PSN.

reaferfore203190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

@Guido above: It really just depends on what game you play, I was playing MW2 last night and every other word I heard from a mic (which there were a lot of people with that night) was either "F*ck, Sh*t, or Duewd.... you ever get so hiiigh that you can't find your controller???" With about a milliion responses of "Duewd that happens to me all the time!!!"

Blaze9293190d ago

So Microsoft is the only company that talks smack huh? If this was them saying this about PSN, fanboys would be running rampant here.

Funny how Xbox 360 owners aren't acting the same way with the comments I'm seeing. Who exactly is more juvenile again?

4Sh0w3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

So its true ps3/sony takes "digs" at the competition. No say it aint so. Oh that's right if sony say's it, its only telling the truth, despite the fact this his statement is pure BS, anything annonymous attracts bad behavior that people would otherwise keep to themselves.

Sevir043190d ago

The problem here is that they really dont car to yous it for one because it really isn't a make or break thing for the system as you can have g=fun playing a game with out it. Most people who use mics on are the ones on the 360, who all ran out to buy one on launch day in 2005. the system is actually bundled with one so most of your friends who play online with headsets are the same ones who bought a 360 at laucnh.

as far as smack talking goes, the PS fanbase is bad but not as bad as the xbox community. there have been instances of irrational smack talk but not soo much as i here on MW2 on live or Halo or Gears...

None the less the notion taht no one uses mics on PS3 havent used the feature to find out.

on Games like Resistance, Modern warfare, warhawk, MGO, gran turismo, HOME, KZ2 Uncharted 2, people are very vocal. i will say however that just about everyone who has Mag uses a head set.

and what Ben was saying about Users in Mag helping those other players out was true... MAG has turned out to be one Organized and cohiesive gaming experience online, the action is tight and everyone for the most part play well, you'll always have the Rambo team or player but even they learn quickly, by either getting booted out, respawning ever 15 seconds or simply quiting because they havent wrapped their heads around the games team mechanics.

MAG is far more suitable to the PS brand.. because there really isn't a tactical shooter of this calibur on the 360. and it shows.

RadientFlux3190d ago

While headsets definitly make it easier to find immature idiots online. I serious doubt that one online service is more juvenile then another.

mastiffchild3190d ago

Well, Zipper shouldn't have said anything about the Live community. It's not their place and is just as bad, imo as someone who prefers PS3 AND PSN to my 360 and Live(which I recently stopped sub'ing to because I wasn't using it), as wha T10 did about F3 and GT5 or Valve knocking the PSN. I think, and I was looking forward to it a great deal as when it's good it's amazing, this may cost Zipper my sale-it's unprofessional and not needed and juvenile in and of itself to say what they have done. I don't like people in the industry smack talking and though Zipper are a great dev(I'm a big fan of THEIR SOCOM ga,mes actually)I just don't like rewarding people who speak ill of the other side like this.

That said I really don't understand why some of the 360 zealots on this thread reckon PSN users get inboxes full of abuse instead of getting it in their headsets. i've NEVER had a rude message off anyone on PSN and have had LOADS on Live. I use a headset on both(or did when I was still on Live)and I would agree that there's a lot more rudeness and abuse on the Live side of things and at one point Halo got so bad that I just stopped playing it online. there are idiots on both but I feel giving everyone a mic was a blessing and a curse on the 360 as it made even the biggest tool think they had every right to talk whenever and however they like whereas he main reason someone has a headset on PSN is if they WANT to coordinate and communicate with their mates and teams and clan online so they're less likly to abuse anyone. there are still idiots, don't get me wrong, but little Timmy who would slag your mum off and likely get angry enough to text after you muted him on Live is unl;ikely to bother having a heady if hew has a PS3 and so doesn't get worked up enough to sit down and write things.

Sure, I've had pproper idiots on PSNB with mics being as rud and racist as anyone on Live but it's really a much lower percentage and I would put it down to demographic and to free headsets. I also think that on Live a lot of kids do have mics and know from my own kids that they get REALLY upset if they feel someone else has beaten them unfairly(and they ALWAYS think that when they lose!)and on 360 every kid can just let fly! The difference does make PSN a better place for MY gaming but isn't the best thing about PSN over Live for me. I hate Cross Game Chat with a passion(distracts everyomne using it and that wrecks you TF2 faster thn having a crap team can-and never mind how it can be used to cheat)and, the biggest reason, I play a lot of KZ2 and Warhawk on the missus account(her PS3, which she shares with the kids, has the wired, better connection)and the dedicated servers make it a far more lag free experience than anytjhing I evr played on Live-I also think that had Livce got more games with dedicated servers we might all have pushed Acti harder when IW took them off PC gamers and made them install them for us all as they really needed to if they were to improve their game over it'#s predecessor. I honestly believe that the lack of many games using them on Live lets companies get away with crappy P2P as a lot of 360 only gamers don't even know of the advantages of dedicated servers and it's holding us on consoles back.

It IS an odd thing that there's more games with dedicated servers on the free PSN as it's one thing MS could use to say theirs really was the better servic if they got more devs to sort it out for us-would get my sub again if they did anyway-even if I do have to put up with effin XGC! Anyway, there'll be a lot of juvenile idiots on PSN but we jut don't hear them without mic and they tend not to buy them if they aren't free as generally, as you all know from palying on Live, the idiots tend NOT to want o play as a team anyway so why would the same guys splash out on PS3? Zipper were in NO position t say anything, mind, and I'#m nothappy that they did! I wanted to buy F3 but Greenawalt stopped that along with their(T10) badmouthing and arrogance and if Zipper add to this unwise outburst I reckon I might be missing MAG as well.Silly, unprofessional thing to say, imo, evn if there's some truth to it they should never, like Gabe should never have knocked the PS3 if he wan't gonna even try it, they should have left live alone as they've nothing to do with it.

vhero3190d ago

It is more juvenile. You get nothing but insults on 360 as every kid has a headset. That's bullcrap about getting pms in your inbox on psn as they have to be in your friends list to send messages so stop sprouting crap you 360 fanboys. Just more proof you know nothing about ps3 and come to ps3 section just to slate it and nothing more. When you give people the choice kids usually don't have headsets as their parents don't buy them headsets just the consoles.

DaTruth3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

All this says is the @$$holes are older on PSN. It's my number one gripe with online gaming. If Live is worse than PSN, I can't imagine it as I can hardly tolerate it on PSN!

The worst is when your mic is turned up and instead of just asking, the person begins full on swearing at you! At which point you're not actually going to comply and tell them so; Which leads to the dude spending the next 3 rounds cussing at you and you telling him to stop the bloodclot crying!

Then there's the @$$hole who starts trolling you just because your the only one with a mic and the jokers who decide to have a conversation about their whole lives... even in Chinese for all of us to hear!

Edit @ above: You actually can get messages from others on PSN, but I never check that box and I can't imagine anyone else checking theirs. What would you really care about what people who aren't your friends have to say?

bacon133190d ago

Cry babies, racists, ignorant and stupid people, pre teens, and just plain s**theads are very well represented on both PSN and LIVE. I really couldn't say which one has more but it does seem much more headsets are in use on LIVE which obviously comes with the free TONKA headset MS so nicely added. If only I had a dollar every time I mute some degenerate with ADD.

ian723190d ago

I have a headset for my PS3, but only use it online if it is needed for the game. If not really needed then I don't bother with it.

LiquifiedArt3190d ago

XBL is definetly a younger player-base and everyone was given a Mic.

(I like the Buy in approach to Mics)

The Maxx3190d ago

LOL that's funny cause when I am playing KZ2 all I hear is..."can anybody hear me?...hello, can anyone hear me? can anyone hear me? 3 minuted pause....then hello, can anyone here me?" then someone would respond "ya I hear ya" then silence for the rest of the game.

ChozenWoan3190d ago

When Home had open mics in public places there was quite a few low IQs running around, but they would go away after you just laughed at them and challenged them to come up with better insults. In MW I would come across 1 or two of them a day, but the mute button was so very handy.

Warhark, I don't remember there being any aholes, and Soccom has some of the most mature gamers around. MAG targets more of these types of gamers and thus the aholes are few and far in between.

Actually, the only gamers I would fear to run into on MAG are the Ultra Competitive types. The guys who take the game far to seriously and should have became (is/was) a drill Sargent in the army. I ran into one of these guys durring the 4.0 beta, he choose to be CIO and was more of a distraction than the grenades exploding around me. lol.

My point is, the more mature the game environment, the more mature the gamers tend to be when it comes to the PSN.

PoSTedUP3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

less people have mics on psn and because of this more adults buy mics because they can afford them.

socom, almost everyone has a mic (because it was bundled) and i play every day and rarely see any youngsters let alone immature adaults.

everyone has a mic on XBL so 40 million people all over the world have a voice and as you can see, there are a lot of messed up people.

i like it better this way (maybe because i am biased) but still rather play socom all day with people i can relate to.

which ever you prefer...

@ chozen1- thats true also. depends on the games but can also depend on a lot of things even dating back to the ps2 with GTAIII picking up a lot of mature gamers and some clinging onto the Ps brand. but yeah i believe that if if everyone had a mic on both consoles it would be pretty much even but a little more mature on PS3 due to some games like socom and GT5 (just because GT series is more poplular than forza and they are simlulators that are much harder for the young audience so they generally stay away from realistic games) ansd thats jsut what i believe with doing little research on it.

bioshock12213190d ago

Pretty much what you said. Not many people in PSN have headsets and if they do they don't talk. Unlike Xbox live which practically everyone has a headset. But I think that's an advantage to play with people who talk I can't imagine playing multiplayer games online without a mic and people not talking. Also he is suppose to say that I love how people never bash ps3 developers for talking crap about the xbox in general yet when its the other way around they get a lot of heat the guy from Forza 3 and valve just to name a few. Plus the only people who say that everyone in xbox live are kids and talk crap all the time are probably ps3 and wii users since if you're an actual xbox live user you would know that is not true I rarely meet little kids.

edgeofblade3190d ago

If you don't want to hear it, mute them. Or turn voice communication to Friends Only.

If Zipper wants to stir up sht like this, I might be disinclined to keep my pre-order...

captain-obvious3190d ago

PPL on PSN got mics but just don't talk
once i was playing killzone and no one was talking
i was asking for a medic several times and 2 or 3 guys started screaming at me to STFU
and i didnt even knew that they got mics

baum3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

"yeah.but your indox will be full of crap bout your mom, with bad grammer and spelling. "

Does anyone find the irony in this statement, or is it just me? And what the hell is an "indox" anyway?

Also, agreed about this, LIVE is too juvenile and full of immature children like all the N4G 360 fanboys, that's why I cancelled my subscription to LIVE after trying it.

-MD-3190d ago

"Or in other words.

Ben Jones says most people on PSN don't have headsets."


Arnon3190d ago

These guys are starting to sound like Turn 10. I'd honestly take Valve's word over this company.

Consoldtobots3190d ago

I have 2 motorola and official Ps3 headset that I use most often, and yet it sits in the dock because I have a really deep voice and tend to scare most of dem youngins out there.

finbars753190d ago

Why does everyone suggest that ps3 users dont have headsets?Sorry we are in the next gen fruitcake we use a thing called bluetooth.Sorry your stuck with some foam padded outdated piece of crap called headphones.When I last checked the majority of the people on the ps3 have bluetooth.We dont need a switch that mutes people out from our ears because the mature level is alot better then those screaming little twirps that the xbosx has.Yes we have the occasional kid but for the most of it we are just doing fine.So get over it and accept the fact you will never be blessed with quality games that we get.Time to go back and play with a mature audience.

DaTruth3190d ago

Do you guys really believe there is anyone who owns a PS3 who doesn't have a Bluetooth headset? I have like 2 Motorola's just laying around!

There is just very little reason to use them except to yell insults at people. My friend has two and hasn't bothered to connect them!

TheBand1t3190d ago

I really do hate it when developers run their mouths, whether they be Zipper, Turn 10, or Valve.


Perkel3190d ago

@ 1.0
"Ben Jones says most people on PSN don't have headsets. "

more like ps3 users uses headsets when they need to not just to comunicate everybody :

" FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUooooooKKKK you , you suck ! " :)

DMason3190d ago


Just give it up man. You are easily the most hateful person at N4G, certainly the most biased fanboy I've seen by far.

On topic: Wasn't it the Sony crowd that was saying how MS taking digs at GT5 was childish and stupid. Well, this is irony at it's finest. It's ok for a Sony developer to take shots at MS, but not the other way around. Hypocrisy is shining through for sure.

rob60213190d ago

Suddenly this whole article becomes about 'PS3 users not having headsets' Completely ignoring the fact this guy is actually right on his assertions that the 360 community is juvenile...

Scroll down to the part page 3 where it says age group....
Xbox360: 12-17
PS3: 25-34

That is quite a pronounced difference with the active players to me.
Zipper is in fact right here.

FamilyGuy3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

The first 3 commenting don't/have never gamed on PSN.

I also think it's hilarious how many gamers there are out there (mostly on 360) who wear huge/dorky looking headsets. They look like they work for telemarketing companies or something. Where as on PSN you can use a nice, sleek and unnoticeable blu-tooth headset for gaming.

I laugh every single time I see someone playing on their 360 wearing that strapped on headgear. LMAO! :D

LesterCorncrake3190d ago

alot of people do have headsets however they are not relavent to me, my friends are and they DO have mics, .....point?

TheDeadMetalhead3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

XBL is definitely worse, but PSN has a few total douchebags as well. I once played a guy on Warhawk who was the most arrogant, vulgar d!ckhead I've ever played against on PSN or XBL. He wasn't even a kid, either! I think he got banned, though.

I do agree that MAG is better suited for PS3, though.

FamilyGuy3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I play Uncharted 2 online A LOT (level 58 currently), TONS of people play with their mics on and I hardly EVER come across anyone spewing hateful or racist comments. The high level guys will talk sh!t if you do better than them or win against their high level team: Insisting on rematches unless you demolished them the first time and they know they can't win, in which case they go back to the lobby at the end of the match to avoid you instead of rematching.

I may come across someone spewing racist/hateful/prejudice crap (im black) once a week at most in Uncharted 2. So it's not too bad at all and most of the people I game with are in or near their 20s (im 24).

I'd say Zipper statement, though somewhat inappropriate, is correct. For a game like MAG where you really rely on your teammates preforming objectives "maturity" IS needed.

If you play Uncharted 2 online and get into ANY of the objective based matches with people who focus on something other then the overall goal you're likely to loose that match (unless you're phenomenal, like me ;) and can carry the team)

heroprotagonist3190d ago

"Funny how Xbox 360 owners aren't acting the same way with the comments I'm seeing. Who exactly is more juvenile again?"

I agree with you. A lot of PS3 owners freak out any time a developer says something slightly negative about the PS3, but when Sony or one of their developers says something negative about the 360 most 360 owners couldn't care less.

I disagree with the guy, but it goes no further than that. He is wrong in my opinion, but I understand that, as the Japanese say, business is war and companies are always going to talk up their products and talk down their competitors. That's just the way it is. I don't get offended.

Anyway, I play on both Xbox Live and PSN and there is no real difference in the percentage of jerks or kids. All I notice is that fewer people seem to use headsets on PSN.

Personally, I like when people talk because to me it makes it a more social experience. Sure, there are some jerks out there, but I just mute them. On the other hand I meet some cool people online and it is fun chatting with them a little bit. It also enhances the game for the most part since there tends to be a bit more communication. Even hearing people's reactions to getting a good kill or getting killed by somebody else are part of the experience to me. The positives far outweigh the negatives, in my opinion. And like I said, I just mute the annoying players.

I think this comment by Zipper is actually more offensive than the comment made by Valve, if you wanted to take it that way. But I don't really care what he says to be honest and I know he is just trying to play up his platform.

lightningsax3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )


I agree with your angle. Whether what Jones said was true or false (and the answer is most likely somewhere in between but skewing true due to multiplayer volume alone), he's a manager of a consumer-driven company talking about both his customers (gamers mostly on PSN) and his potential customers (gamers mostly on XBL that may consider getting a PS3 or going back to it for MAG).

That stuff might be said behind closed doors, but it definitely shouldn't be revealed in anything that might reach the media.

A standard response would be to say something good about the maturity of PSN customers from their own experience with other titles, not mentioning the competition. Anything past that and you start sounding like you need to go back to business school.

Darkstorn3189d ago

If PS3 sales keep up, then we'll just have more and more preteens on PSN. That's the bad thing about sales...

Madmax12819803189d ago

right just too say i own both consoles and any one here that owns the ps3 and says that psn has less racist hateful comments compared to xbox live is a complete fanboy and a lier i play online on both and its exactly the same on both consoles u will never find an online match were there arent ppl (even adults) shouting abuse at other gamers only difference being not everyone has a mic on ps3 so its no as bad but if everyone did it would be the same and whats with ppl using there pseye cam as a mic and shouting at there family lol (heard that happening alot). then again i suppose on ps3 u have to put up with hateful racist comments in games as theres no party chat or private chat while ingame. i hate fanboys on both sides both consoles are almost identical maybe a few differences here and there but thats why i own both so im no missing out on good games and features from both sides. completed uncharted 2 great game, cant wait for gt5 (when it finally arrives) played mgs4 no really my type of game looks great but no really into stealth combat games i also have loads of psn titles like high velocity bownling, pain, inferno pool, hustle kings, socom confrontation etc. even tho i game mostly on the xbox 360 i love the ps3 also but i hate the fanboys pisses me off game on and stop hating.

RumbleFish3189d ago

1st: all of my PSN Buddies have and use Headsets.
2nd: I never have insulting PMs in my inbox.

This must be a english speaking people's problem, or maybe a matter, what games you play. I play MGO and SOCOM. There we talk about tactics and make use of the headset as it's meant to be. I remember when I was playing CoD 4 and [email protected] sometimes people were insulting me or other persons, but I never heard insults in other languages but english and dutch. So I think it has to do something with me being german and lots of uneducated american, dutch and UK people not being aware of the fact that we germans are not Nazis anymore.
And it has to do something with the mentality of english speaking people, perhaps they are just quicker with the insults.
I was never insulted in french or in russian or in spanish or italian and believe me, I can understand insults in those languages.

Please excuse any wrong spelling or grammar.

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ThatCanadianGuy3190d ago

I certainly agree with them.I don't play my 360 online anymore but when i go to my friends and watch him try to show off by getting the nuke in MW2, all i hear is immature little pre-teens shouting racial slurs and T-bagging People.

Not to say there isn't some people like that on PSN..
There's just way, way less.

The Meerkat3190d ago

Nobody T-bags in MW2.

There is no point, the killcam means your victim would never see it.

Therefore anything you say should be interpreted as being incorrect.

ThatCanadianGuy3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? I see it all the time! Some dude kills a camper, runs up, starts t-bagging him.

Judging by your comment at the top, anything YOU say should be classified as false & failed trolling.

HappyGilmore23003190d ago

No one tbags in MW2... there is no point, the other person wont see it.

The Meerkat3190d ago

HappyGilmore2300 you are correct.

There are some people (Nuke Boosters) that i'd love to T-bag but can't because it has no meaning unless the victim sees it.

ThatCanadianguy420 = facepalm

Rush-Sykes3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

You have a friend that owns a 360? I though you being one of the biggest PS3 fanboys on earth you would sorta try stab anyone that owns a 360 in an ally.

I guess I was mistaken o well.

ThatCanadianGuy3190d ago

Are you honestly that dense? They don't need to see it on the Killcam.
I see people run up and start T-bagging just to show off to their friends who are on their own team.

Like, Hello? Common sense anyone?

@Above, So what my Friend has a 360? I even have a 360! I should stab myself or something? You just prove how immature and juvenile XBL gamers really are.

Rush-Sykes3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Your right I am immature but I haven't turned my 360 on in 6 months and I haven't used live in 12.

I did use my PS3 last night though so I guess you can add me to the none existent list of juvenile PS3 gamers.

See you in MAG where I will be screaming slurs down my microphone at you. /sarcasm

I mean heaven forbid gaming is "serious business" I don't play games to discover my immature side. I would rather play MAG with a bunch of old English gentlemen.

Anyway thanks for being the first person to ignore me. Which means I can only assume you won't reply to this unless you sad enough to ignore someone then still view there comments and respond.

ThatCanadianGuy3190d ago

See, this is where you fail tho.This has nothing to do with being immature about gaming.You mention something about stabbing someone over a freakin electronic box.That's immature.

Stop trying to twist and weave words together to save yourself from the embarrassment.

For the record, i didn't put you on my ignore list.But i certainly will now.

The Meerkat3190d ago

Wow, you just don't know when to quit.

NOBODY t-bags in MW2, not only because the victim doesn't see it but because its a double press of the crouch button where as in Halo its a single press of the thumbstick. i.e it takes longer and you'll get shot and look stupid.

And while there may be people on Live that shout and swear it makes the game feel alive, i'd rather that than the silence you get on PSN.
You can always mute the ones you don't like on Live. As far as i'm aware its not possible to give everyone on PSN a mic at the press of a button.