Xbox 360 sales up but PS3 gaining pace

Microsoft's Xbox 360 boasted a 12 per cent year-on-year increase in console sales but its growth rate trailed behind its rival, the Sony Playstation 3.

Market research firm, GfK, said sales of the Playstation 3 jumped by 27 per cent in 2009. It shifted a record 318,000 units in Australia. But Microsoft was still ahead in overall sales, selling 950,000 Xbox 360 consoles locally compared with PS3's 770,000.

Xbox product manager, Andrew Jenkins, said the gaming market was experiencing healthy growth but could not comment on Sony's results.

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Troll_Police3191d ago

Last I checked the PS3 was selling more and that 1 year head start is shrinking fast.

commodore643191d ago

I agree it is shrinking.

But the 360 is now in its 5th year, the ps3 in its fourth.
IS it shrinking fast enough?

Because last time I checked, the ps3 was in last place, worldwide, by a very healthy margin.

djreplay3191d ago

I think it will go down to the wire

pegger243191d ago

what does the winner get?

wicked3191d ago

To start all over again with the next console!

360hasnogamesfor20103191d ago

360 is losing more and more apeal for gamers..

bigj3191d ago

I HAD a ps3 and hated it.Everyone bragged about the cell processor and I was like"how many times can this POS freeze up".The one thing I hated the most is wanting to play Madden and had to download a 300mb update.Why the phuck would a update have to be that big.Anyways Phuck PS3.Im happy without it.I returned it to Walmart.