Are consoles melding into one big PSWiiBox?

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have spent a lot of time explaining to gamers and would-be gamers why each of their particular video game consoles are different (and, of course, better) than the competition's. And yet, it seems that the more time passes, the more these companies are transforming their game machines into the same thing.

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tdrules3217d ago

they are turning into the same things, unupgradable PCs
-games on demand
-online gaming

its no secret you can play PC mods on development kit consoles now...

steve30x3217d ago

I just wish there was just the one console made3 by all the companies so that all this console wars would end

tdrules3217d ago

competition breeds quality.
so no you're wrong

ASSASSYN 36o3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Competition breeds quality and innovation. You are very wrong. We have what we have today because of competition.

spektical3217d ago

while i understand what your saying, its that we dont live in a perfect world were everyone was paid the same , everyone would work hard.
Since we dont live in a Utopia competition, like everyone else says, breeds higher quality.

--thats the problem with socialism/communism

AnotherGamerUser3217d ago

This article was written by MSNBC... Microsoft is the parent company. hmmmm which console do you think they favor?