Repetitive Gaming Errors

GamesBlog of Guardian Unlimited writes: "There are some mistakes in life that we're pathologically incapable of not making. We're just doomed to repeat them again and again - even though we can see them coming. It's the same with videogames."

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PS360WII4798d ago

that last one is so true ><

MK_Red4798d ago

Completely agreed. I always did so specially during RE1 and RE2. When I finish a surivival game, I have more than enough supplies...

Diselage4798d ago

I'm guilty of the apex one, There has been so many times where i'm running a perfect race and on the last 3 corners i try to gain a position by going a little hotter into the corners and i always crash and burn.

sjappie4798d ago

and I've killed a few guys from the same spot, you know someone eventually is gonna flank you and hit you from the back. So, often my instinct tells me to relocate, but I will be like, "i'll take out one more guy from here, and then I'll split." Off course, 3 seconds later I get shot in the back!
I keep making this mistake over and over again and it always pisses me off. LOL.