Studio Director: 'God Of War 3' Over 10 Hours Long

MTV Multiplayer Blog: At a recent event in New York City, I had some time to speak with John Hight, the studio director of Sony Santa Monica. Yes, those are the "God of War" folks. The interview had a wide range of topics, but because people generally freak out about this sort of thing, the topic of game length came up. The length of "God of War 3," to be specific. Here's the transcript of my conversation with John:

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THE MAX SPEED 213192d ago

Great. ALl the new games coming out all have a good average of hours of Gameplay/story.

SixTwoTwo3192d ago

Yeah I think 8-10 hours is the sweet spot for cinematic games like this. March 16th just feels so far away. Thank the Gods that theres a lot of excellent looking titles in Feb to hold us over.

THE MAX SPEED 213192d ago

Agreed. the budget shall be tight in 2010.

Nineball21123191d ago

10 hours for this kind of game is reasonable...

I'd be disappointed if it was any shorter though.

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Ghostsmoker3191d ago

10 hours are enough in my opinion. Because this will be some great 10 hours.

silvacrest3191d ago

for some of us that makes no difference since we have no intention to come back to the game anyway

gaffyh3191d ago

Good, hopefully some trophies to extend that even further. I'd guess some sort of Challenge rooms as well, because Challenge of the gods and Challenge of the titans stuff in GOW1/GOW2

GVON3191d ago

I'll be playing the hardest difficulty possible,so this should take me a while on the first play.

TotalPS3Fanboy3191d ago

Do any action games like this have multiplayer?

I am sure Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Blade doesn't have multiplayer too, and nobody complained about it.

Aquarius3191d ago

@ StanLee

I remember ND saying U2 is 12 hours long

When I looked at my save after reaching credits, I remember it saying 11hours 40mins, I think ( lost my USB with the saves on there ) but that's pretty close.
SM is obviously not lieing, what's the point?

Pennywise3191d ago

Stan only under achievers will beat it in 5 hours. Not collecting or exploring and playing it very easy settings.

What a waste of time to play a game rushing through it.

sikbeta3191d ago


Multiplayer and co-op?

On this Game don't work, you can't even think to put another Character in this story, it will look like fairy if he try to stand next to KRATOS :P

And Multiplayer/co-op is not an excuse for a short game...

Christopher3191d ago

Hope the replayability is up there as well.

StanLee3191d ago

My play time for Uncharted 2 was a bit under 8 hours. I don't know the difficulty you played on so it's reasonable to assume on your first play through you took 12 hours and that's fine. A more accomplished player may have finished in well under my 8 hours and I'm sure on a second play through I will have taken an even shorter time to complete the game. My point is, I don't care how long God of War 3 is if I enjoy the experience. I took to task a poster who said 10 hours is longer that both Gears of War games which was a douchy comment and unnecessary for 1. It isn't and 2. Gears of War offers far more content. I don't care that idiots want to be fanboys but don't be unreasonable.

SuperM3191d ago

He didnt say it was 10 hours long. He said it was conciderably longer then 7 hours, and when the other dude mentions 10 hours he says that its longer then that. He also clearly mentioned that the game was longer then both of the 2 previous installments. for all we know it might be from 12-14 hours long.

Bungie3191d ago

can't say i'm disappointed

10 hours sound about right for hack n slash games

Montrealien3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

It is a well known fact that if you already convinced yourself that a certain game or product will be good, you will like it no matter what.

10hr seems to be the norm these days for these kinds of games. I do hope it has a good replay factor although I doupt it will suck as much time out of my gameplay time as Mass Effect 2 will. Heck, I am almost 5 hours into it atm and I have barely even scratched the surface.

Unicron3191d ago

Does anyone replay single player games for, you know, FUN anymore?

Hell, I've replayed SotN more times than I can remember. No MP. No Trophies. Just for FUN.

Why are all games without MP seemingly damned from the outset?

AKNAA3191d ago

"Yeah but there is no multiplayer or coop mode to extend the game's shelf life."

F#@K multiplayer! If you ever played any of the GOW games before, you of all people should know that it's intended only for a single player experience...Come on bro! you should know better...

" A more accomplished player may have finished in well under my 8 hours"

what do you mean by a more accomplished player exactly?? like someone naturally good in video games? or someone that has no life other than playing & trying to master/ or speed run any game he gets his hands on??

I took my time with uncharted 2 just to ENJOY the graphics, exploring and the game in general, so it took me about 14hrs.

Obama3191d ago

Shadow of the colossus only has 16 bosses, yet it is one of the most epic games ever made in human history. GOW3 will follow the same path.

The Maxx3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

How quickly the original comment is soon forgotten.

Jamegohanssj5 says "Longer than both Gears combined. HOOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYYY"

Stanlee replies "Yeah but there is no multiplayer or coop mode to extend the game's shelf life. Your douchy comment wasn't needed."

Stanlee was saying that Gear 1 and 2 had multiplay in it thus prolonging the game's replay value. A lot of Dev time went towards the multiplayer, and the multiplayer allows the game to be much longer than 10 hours. Heck I have put so much time into Gears1 alone that is way over 10 hours.

10 hours to me for a game like this is a lot, which is good because I fell like I am getting my money's worth. The longer a game is, the more bang for my buck, regarless if it's a single player game of 10 hours, or a 60 hour multiplayer game with a 4 hour single player campaign.

Yet the replies he got from a particular group all belong in the openzone and have competely constricted his original point.

Aquarius3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I played on HARD which I found considerably easier to Drake's Fortune's HARD ( I think this is because of the design of the levels )

What do you mean by a more "accomplished player"? I'm assuming you played it on VERY EASY as 8 hours doesn't sound right.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is not "incredibly short".
Did you not play the game?
It's longer than your "8 hours", I must say.

StanLee3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Thank you! I wasn't even leveling a criticism at God of War 3's length. I was saying the guys comment was ridiculous, unneccessary and douchy. But alas, fanboys see everything as an attack and have to defend their console. I'm sure when you replay God of War 3, you'll find it isn't any longer than the first 2 games and it couldn't be. The game's pacing would suffer. You'd have a lot more doldrums areas where you're forced to back track or do fetch quests to extend a game's length. Most shooters have notoriously short campaigns but add so much more by adding cooperative play or multiplayer. Batman: Arkham Asylum was incredibly short but they extended the game's shelf life by including a number of collectibles and challenge rooms. My point was, you can't compare an arguably longer campaign with more content.

DaTruth3191d ago Show
Digitaldude3191d ago

Not sure if my mind can endure 10hours of mind blowing EPICNESS.

Jamegohanssj53191d ago

Lol wow some people can't take a joke >>.


Consoldtobots3191d ago

Sony doesn't have to worry about it's userbase playing the same game for months on end and thus having to pack it with filler material.
That's why have AAA games releasing all year.

gameraxis3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

i hear you, but to me this isn't "a cinematic game like others" this is freaking GOW, and i would love a 20 hour epic as long as its all the same amazing quality throughout, but I'll settle for ten hours lol,

i don't get the mentality, the longer the game the better in my book, when it comes to games like GOW, Uncharted, Gears, and HALO, i never want those experiences to end! to hell with the casual gamer who can't get through it, this kind of game is made for the fans!

we get games of such great quality so infrequently that i want it to take a while.

offwhiteazn3191d ago

it's so god damn funny how nobody likes you.

pippoppow3191d ago

One poster states 10 hrs now the game is 10 hrs ?!

It was stated to be OVER 10hrs. May be 11-15 hrs. Of course it depends o n skill level, difficulty and play style.

talltony3191d ago

All single player games except RPGs are around this length. I'm gonna play this game more than once and since when does length equal quality? It doesn't. This game will own soooo hard! Just watch! End of!

FamilyGuy3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Considering that many of us will be playing this multiple times just to see certain scenes all over again and trophies will extend the life as well. Can't wait to make a few 360 only owners jealous when just happen to pop this game in whenever they visit.

I had 360 fans come over and be impressed with inFamous so this might just hurt their feelings, lmao!

Darkstorn3191d ago

I'm skeptical. Tim Schafer said Brutal Legend was a 15 hour experience, but it turned out to be half of that. Let's hope GoW III doesn't turn out like that.

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MetalGearRising3192d ago

So play through 1 day not even worth $$$.

360hasnogamesfor20103191d ago

halo odst say hi... ( 3 hours for 60$)

Foliage3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

MGR gets owned multiple times for every comment he has ever made.

You'd figure he'd stop showing his face around here by now... but then again he is almost about to create yet another account. Poor chav can't take a hint.

-MD-3191d ago

ODST was 6 hours and it had a co-op firefight mode along with 21 maps of multiplayer.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi_3191d ago

i.e NO GAMES in 2009 = 'ZERO' HOURS!!! ;-D

AssassinHD3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )


I am retracting my previous statement because I realize that arguing with an idiot is a fruitless endeavor. It is not like you actually play games anyway.

randomwiz3191d ago

MTV: Considerably longer than seven hours?

JH: I think so.

MTV: Is ten…um…longer? [This is me trying to be sneaky]

JH: Ten is longer, but ten might not be considerably longer! [laughs] It's more than 10 hours.

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GR8 13192d ago

10 hours OMG!!!! hahahahaha finish in 3 days max.

Karooo3191d ago

people will do 2 or 3 playthrough for the epicness.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Yh but most other action games have online. Uncharted 2 can be completed in a day, but its got good MP as well. People said the GTA IV expansion packs weren't worth the money because they were "only" 15 hours long.

Yh most people will play it more than once. Mirrors edge is what? 1 hr 20 mins if you skip cutscenes. But i must have spent 15 hours playing and replaying that game, never mind the hours spent on time trials.

mesh13191d ago

THIS IS WHAT THE PS3 IS KNOWN BEST FOR RAIL 6HOURS GAMES and they claim graphics haha i alwys laugh at them! any 1 can make a game with no mp/7jours long look amamzing FACT!

PimplePopperMD3191d ago

Raise your standards.

Ten hours of the same thing Ive done [regrettably] twice before. No thanks.

Karooo3191d ago

btw open zone is that way.

Elven63191d ago

While I completely disagree with his comment (God of War is an insanely awesome experince!), I don't see how that is open zone material, he simply said he didn't like the game, albeit using different words.

DatNJDom813191d ago

Someone get me the bacon bits....... trolls are hungry!

gameraxis3191d ago

lol, GOW is beyond your criticisms, and i love the franchise just as much after your comment as i did before it.

Oner3191d ago

"Raise your standards"

I sure did ;). I got a PS3 and have had the chance to play titles like MGS4, Motorstorm 1 & 2, MLB the Show, Resistance 1 & 2, Uncharted 1 & 2, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2 & GT5 very soon and that's just to name a few!

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PimplePopperMD3191d ago

This franchise is not 'cinematic'.

Young, naive fools.

Fishy Fingers3191d ago

Read any recent preview of the new footage, all comment on how "cinematic" the game is.

silvacrest3191d ago

what is your definition of cinematic? something someone else tells you? how about you play the full game and make your own conclusions

SnuggleBandit3191d ago

Where the hell are the mods!??? this is supposed to be the GAMER ZONE!