Yakuza 3 UK release date confirmed

March 12 is the day, Sega confirms

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Yarite3190d ago

WELL PLAYED SEGA! What an excellent strategy.

Releasing Renosance of Fate the same day worldwide as the biggest RPG release this gen...FFXIII.

Releasing this 3 days after your other big game release and between FFXIII and God of War 3....

Bravo Sega. Then you won't release Yakuza 4 for us because 3 didn't meet your expectations in sales.

villiers3190d ago

Pretty much ^^

Sega will say that we won't be getting Yakuza 4. Causing fans of the series to pay extra and import a version of the game they don't even understand

Then a few months later they will change there stance and magically release it for us but at the worst time possible.

Sega's marketing has always been a joke.

outwar60103190d ago

how can they sell a game for 40 pounds that has japanese voice acting with english subtitle. I loved yakuza 1 I still have it but this is ridiculous. If they want to treat the western market like this boycott them.

interrergator3190d ago

actually i like japanese voice language :)

SixTwoTwo3190d ago

It will have English voices. One of the people who works for Sega of America confirmed this in a recent 4Guys1Up Podcast.

Fatal Blow3190d ago


Japanese voice acting with english subtitle will be for both us and uk
that is what sega said

sikbeta3190d ago


Stupid Move Sega, way to go...

Punch-o3189d ago

Sega is plain stupid.This game should have came out in 08.But no lets release it when Gow3 and FF13 comes out and hope people change there minds and get our game. :( stupid sega !