EU Playstation Blog: 'Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (21st January 2010)

Mike Kebby writes:

"Good day to you all, hope you've all had a good week.

Today, as most of you blog readers will know, is the day that we unleash the ModNation Racers Beta for you, and for the first 100,000 people who download it when the store updates (should be mid-afternoon), I can assure you, you'll be having a LOT of fun. I will update on here, and via my twitter feed, as soon as the store is live.

We also have a fresh batch of special offers available for you, with a selection that should cater for all tastes. Personally, I think Smash Cars is great value, and that reduction on Unbound Saga is also very tempting is it not? Okay, enough tactless sales attempts I promise.

We also have some new dynamic themes for Heavy Rain, Buzz! and Singstar, and another mini title, Vector TD, is added to the minis family. This is all wrapped up with a few more bits and pieces, full details below."

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sam22363288d ago

Yet another crap update, not even a demo!

Rush-Sykes3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Boring they still haven't released Final Fantasy 8 on the European PSN either. Am really getting annoyed at being the most loyal region to Sony but always being treated the worst.

If it ain't released by the end of January and they spoon feed me any more Disney games as classics am going to be pissed. I honestly can't stand any more of this satanic Disney crap just because its easier to release 3+ rated games.

Atleast MS show a little consistency by treating everyone like crap...

execution173288d ago

thats because SCEE and SCEA are runned by different people

LukaX233288d ago

Wow this update truly blows... Let's hope they've got some more stuff on the US Store...

Corrwin3288d ago

Why do you give a crap about demos?

Statistically a game will sell less if it has a demo, anyway! So why not man-up and buy one of the special offers?

Unbound Saga is about £4, and worth it if you're fan of the old school brawlers.

Breitsch_Nieden3288d ago

what are you talking about? the bloody mod nation racers beta is out.just downloading it now. i would say a must download!!!

GameGambits3288d ago

I doubt that many people have ModNation Racers on their radar...but H O L Y C R A P this game is awesome!!! Mario Kart meets Little Big Planet meets AWESOME!

To anyone who gets in the beta like I have you are in for a jaw dropping good time! :D Talk about moving up my must buy list of 2010 lol. This game is too fun for words... :D

InfectedDK3288d ago


Wh15ky3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

To Anyone who may know,
Is the Mod Nation Racers Beta still available? I won't be home for another half hour or so, what do you think my chances are of getting in?

Thanks Dustgavin, should be home in about 10 mins.

dustgavin3288d ago

You should be fine. I just started downloading it myself.

nutcase4u3288d ago

I'm in the U.S. and I just downloaded it using my Euro account. They said first 100,000 to download it get it, but I'm thinking it will be up for a certain amnt of time. After everyone else in the US sees these posts they will go download it too, so hurry up my Euro friends.

sam22363288d ago

@Corrwin: Ever think that there are people who aren't interested in the special offers? Oh and if demos make games sell less, why do devs continue to release them? Eh?

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richierich3288d ago

Aw crap I was hoping for a Aliens Versus Predator demo

finbars753288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I was hoping,dreaming and fantasizing about that AVP demo.We probally wont get it until the first week of feb.Until then I will go back to playing By the way the beta has been in the store for the last 30 mins.

mrv3213288d ago

ModNation Racers looks brilliant.

This update doesn't suck... unless by suck you mean not much free stuff. But if you'd look you'd notice PSN price drops a beta and mini's

finbars753288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Let me tell you about Modnation racing its f$%king AWSOME.Really sweet beta to.Gives you tons of options to play with and yes there is online racing baby with the beta.Hope you all enjoy the beta.

user8586213288d ago

downloading atm cant wait!!! xD

mrv3213288d ago

I'm at 63% and the first thing I'm going to do is make the steepest hill at the highest point and fill it with boost pads.

Meryl3288d ago

guys it's up on PSN now, I'm downloading mine right now, can't wait to play on this hehe

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