Big Smile Reviews - Huge MAG 256 Players Event Coverage

Corey Rollins writes: Before the PlayStation Blog could even write about their own event, Diifii has brought us his coverage of the HUGE MAG256 gathering that took place in the UK.

There are 128 screens in the formation and the goal was the have people from UK and US playing with the live players with the full 256 players playing. That logo you see at the top is the formation of consoles setup for the event.

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OGharryjoysticks3194d ago

They can't beat America at a FPS game.

solidworm3194d ago

is awesome,....if you aint got nothing like it on your console of choice dont be bitter.Like the guy said "from now on all games should be 256 players.

Baba19063194d ago

i loved the demo. its so awesome when the match starts and your group runs out together. feels like a war is happening.

sikbeta3194d ago

This game will be Awesome...