Star Trek Online Beta Patched, Level Cap Removed

Cryptic Studios last night released a large patch for the Star Trek Online beta, fixing a number of known issues, but adding tonnes of new effects and features, and also removing the level cap.

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Dorjan3219d ago

Full fun for fanboys forever!

(sorry wanted to use all f's!)

Leord3219d ago

All F's are not ok. You Fail. :)

Just kidding ;)

Maticus3219d ago

Six days of the beta left, thanks Cryptic! Lots of time to try out all this stuff :)

Leord3219d ago

Just a couple of days left though...

Cogo3219d ago

I've got several friends in the beta and they think it rocks :)

AndyA3219d ago

I like it but i'm not entirely sold on the ship combat.

Fyzzu3219d ago

I'm the opposite actually. Loving the really tactical ship combat when there are a few people involved, but the away team stuff is a bit dull.

Maticus3219d ago

More character customisation?! Oh wow, I thought it was pretty hot already

Malfurion3219d ago

Yeah I noticed that too, the uniforms are ace. Loving this game so far.

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