Mass Effect screens dazzle the eyes

Mass Effect's official site has a batch of new screens that showcase some close ups of the character models, whilst throwing in some action shots for good measure. These are really coming along and are a feast for the eyes. The faces look lifelike and have amazing levels of detail. Obviously, BioWare is putting the Unreal 3 Engine to very good use for this expansive title. Go check out the screens and tell us those make you plan on picking this up when it arrives in September.

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EDF 20174736d ago

Gears of WHO? That almost looks as good as CGI.

DrunKao4736d ago

I've known Mass Effect would look better than Gears of War for a while now. Gears of War's dark and dirty art style really limits it's potential visually imo. Mass Effect has a much more colorful and vibrant art style compared to Gear's, which is makes it look so much better.

These are my favorite pictures. The blue alien in the first shot is absolutely STUNNING and the character to the right with the rob on has this very cool Sith Lord look to him. The depth of field is very well implemented in this game. That monster in the second picture looks CGish.



I can't wait to play this game!!!

predator4736d ago

this could be game of the year looks stunning.

tony4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

i totally agree with you, this game is aiming to be the game that everybody will be talking about this year. this is a console seller.

dissectionalrr4736d ago

could be... if halo 3 weren't coming out this year. either way, it looks ridiculously awesome, and once again casts serious doubt on sony's claimed graphical superiority.

Nicosia4736d ago

They should stop teasing damn! ME. WANT. TO. PLAY. Man i love design!

sonarus4736d ago

this game looks mouth wateringly awesome. I hold my reservations about it though. Just seems too good to be true

tplarkin74736d ago

Is it really coming out in Sept? Is it official?

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The story is too old to be commented.