Halo: Reach will 'upset hardcore fans' - Bungie

Bungie has admitted that elements of Halo: Reach 'will upset hardcore fans' of the series' source material.

However, the studio has pledged that the majority of game will 'delight' die-hard fans of book The Fall Of Reach - and that it had made the title with the affection for the novel very much in mind.

Creative director Marcus Lehto added: "We are very sensitive to the Halo canon, and we are careful not to be stomping on the Halo timeline. We're playing to the events of the book, and while it's not the gameplay version of the book, that story is taking place in the background. We're following one isolated part of what's happening on Reach."

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Guido3826d ago

It won't make any difference. It says Halo on the cover therefore it will sell millions.

THE MAX SPEED 213826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Yay! Guido Dint read the Story Therefore you make a fool out of yourself.

This is about what's going on in the Halo Reach books VS the Game.

lol dont nobody read the damn articles ? Fools thinking the gameplay is getting dumbed down are what? Get real

Half the people I know who play halo have no idead there's even books.

3826d ago
Bungie3826d ago


a lot of "people" will take this the wrong way

nice article btw

3826d ago
ColdFire3826d ago

But even I find some of the stupid comments on here, well, stupid ;P

bacon133826d ago

Good. I hope Reach can spice things up for me. Halo imo is bland and last gen compared to other FPSs out at the moment.

EVILDEAD3603826d ago

Bungie: There are some thing fans might 'take issue with'

CVG translation for hit:

'Bungie says Halo Reach will slap your mother and may give you cancer'

We all know that the game won't follow the books..Bungie has some suprises in store. That is a good thing.

I'm joking but you can't hate on websites following the same formula that makes HHG and others a staple on


Guido3826d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

No, actually I did read it but alas, your max speed has caused you to reply to quickly before understanding what I posted. Good for you though for making yourself look even more stupid by trying to call me out and failing.

My point, despite the minor swings from the core story, the Halo fans will still buy the game and enjoy it just for the sake of it's name. Now, have a plate of crow and STFU.

Eamon3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

lol, Max Speed, you're mistaken.

Guido was referring to those giant Halo fans. He's saying that even if it does conflict with the novel they will still buy it.

What's so beautiful about the article's title is that it will attract trolls and fanboys into thinking this is another "bash halo games" article.

Advice to the trolls:

HappyGilmore23003825d ago

who cares about the halo campaign???? not me.... multiplayer is all that matters

otherZinc3825d ago

Because it says "Halo" on the box, represents unmatched game-play Quality (Campaign co-op, 4 player co-op, non linear co-op, Forge, sandbox multi-player) that other devs strive for. Halo:Combat Evolved sold on word of mouth & the other Halo titles moved the Halo name forward with added quality that other games cant match 2 years later.

When this game exudes the same Halo Quality level, it will not disappoint!

reaferfore203825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Halo Wars says Halo on the box and doesn't have all that stuff.

ChozenWoan3825d ago

So I didn't see Halo plastered on Mountain Dew bottles and commercials as well as other places... wow that word of mouth marketing is amazing to trick me into thinking all those things actually existed.

hmmm whats this:

nice article about Halo's ads:

Lots of Marketing made Halo a household name, not simply word of mouth.

Bnet3433825d ago

Read the article before making yourself look like an ass.

The Happy Baby3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )


Reading the article is not needed to make a reference to the game's predicted sales.

Obviously you havent looked at the sales records for anything with the name HALO on it.

Millions. And thats just pre-orders.

SilentNegotiator3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

"the studio has pledged that the majority of game will 'delight' die-hard fans of book The Fall Of Reach"

........I think we should be a BIT more concerned with the GAMERs of Halo for a Halo GAME than the READERs. Even if it's just the story, they should never have to say that something will upset the gamers and delight the readers. Ever.

el zorro3825d ago

I love how the usual trolls are trying to spin this into something negative.

When people are trying to stealth troll they say stupid things like "of course it will sell, as long as it has the Halo name slapped on it". They are trying to imply that Halo isn't a good game and just sells on its name. If confronted these morons will just claim "I'm saying something good about it". Uh huh sure.

All Halo games have been outstanding. They mainly sell well because they are amazing games. If a crappy Halo game came out, believe me, I wouldn't buy it.

Even the lowest rated Halo game, ODST, is a really great game. In fact, I just picked up the latest issue of Gamepro at the store and they had an article about the best games of 2009 and Halo ODST was one of them. They even said that it was the best Halo since Halo CE. They gave it 5 stars. And I agree, I loved ODST. The only negative is that it was kind of short (although not as short as some people claim). Halo sells because people know they are going to get an outstanding experience that will last for a long time.

I can't wait for Halo Reach. I know Bungie will make the right decisions with regard to the story. It's going to be great.

Saaking3825d ago

The book was a great read and while I don't expect them to follow it word by word, as long as it's fairly similar it'll be cool. I'm really excited about what they'll do with the Single Player. In fact, I'm more excited about the SP than the MP.

SCThor3825d ago

No more "bunny" jumps and candy colors??

The Lazy One3825d ago

protip: don't quote things in the title that don't appear in any of the interview quotes.

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Karooo3826d ago

to attract more COD noobs?

THE MAX SPEED 213826d ago

Dont you read what's in the article? god damn.

N4PS3G3826d ago

Love it when people just read the headline and assume they know everything

It has nothing to do with the gameplay but that the main story is not following the reach novel and source material :)

Eamon3825d ago

The troll has been exposed.

SuperStrokey11233825d ago

No offense but its not like halo has "complex" gameplay either...

el zorro3825d ago

It's as complex as most FPS games. Do you think Killzone 2 is more complex? No, it's less complex. There are less weapons, less vehicles, less items and therefor less complex strategy involved. Halo is one of the best crafted and well balanced shooters today. There is a ton of strategy and depth if you actually get into playing it.

SuperStrokey11233825d ago

I would say killzone is much more complex myself, there are different classes and these all drasticlly cahnge the way each person plays. This doesnt exist in halo.

heroprotagonist3825d ago

I play them both and they are both complex in their own ways. Overall I would say that the gameplay is a little more nuanced in Halo 3 than in Killzone 2. Most of the people who think it is simplistic are people that don't really play it and don't have a clue what it is really about.

baum3825d ago

Don't expect a rational response from him, so don't waste time with him either

RockmanII73825d ago

hypocrisy at it's finest

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d0nT wOrrY3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

is there any hardcore gamers on xbox360?
last time i checked they're all FPS (Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo) lover 12-15 years old

where are you MGS:RIGSING i can hear you crying b!tch

THE MAX SPEED 213826d ago

Gears of war is More hardcore than any game on PS3.

dont tell me Gow3 it's not even out yet.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3826d ago

Are there any games on the PS3 at all?

ssipmraw3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

have fun playing a 6 hour halo game expansion along side a halo rpg last year?


i thought so.

360 has no games ;P

OmarJA-N4G3826d ago

Foolish little boy, Demon's Souls is more hardcore than all the 360's games combine...

@ Jason 360:

We know your retarded but this...

BYE3826d ago

Don't be upset, soon you can paint elephants with Natal!!!

That's hardcore too, but in a different way...

poeo3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

i cant believe im stooping as low to comment in the open zone but...

in defense of PS3's "hardcoreness":

Demon's Souls.
Wipeout HD.
Socom Confrontation. (COD players will get their souls crushed)

these games alone are more hardcore than anything on any console ever, pretty much. (well ok bullet hell games are a whole other story).

d0nT wOrrY3825d ago

you wish you can get game like MGS4 on your betabox
pls dont tell me MGS:RISING

el zorro3825d ago

'Hard' doesn't make something 'hardcore'.

I could make a game based on 4 squares that would be harder than any current game, but that wouldn't mean that it would be the most hardcore.

LEGENDARY PELON3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Halo Reach will be an OUTSTANDING game period!

Enough with all the BS and PS3 fangirls hatting on it!
Go look at some of your 2080p vids of Unfarted 2 or GOW3! "Just dont get to horny about it"

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Omega43826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

So the story isnt based directly from the book, that shouldnt matter too much because i bet most Halo fans don't even know there is a book

Doesnt sound like it relates to gameplay

mastiffchild3825d ago

Well, it's a tricky one for me as a lot of Halo gamers don't have a clue there even are Halo novels so on that hand Bungie could follow the story exactly and still have some twists but as a few have red the books then they either have to deviate from the story(or fill in a few gaps with licence)OR as it appears they ARE doing set their game slightly in the background so if you've read the books you might know where the other Spartands end up but not exactly how the got there:this is possibly where Reach(the game) will step in so it can have twists and turns to entertain all Halo gamers.

Obviously, there are allusions to what happened during the period of the game and that's possibky where Bungie may feel some will think they're talking slight liberties but won't EVERY Halo fan accept that a Halo game based otally on one of the books from start to finsh could prove a VERY boring game if you've read all the books and there's little to no surprises left for you.

Whatever, it'll still be a good game and a great one if Bungie hit their stride as they have in the past with, for me at least, Halo CE and Halo2. I don't think they actually sounded very concerned and headlines as misleading and overblown as this help noone.

theunknown3825d ago

I'm pretty sure they don't have to change anything from Fall of Reach since the entire planet was under attack; the book only showcased the events that were related to the Spartan IIs (or lack of) that would be focused on the games and books. Pretty sure a planet-wide battle would have way more stories then what we know so far.