Naked Diablo 3 Female Wizards?

Really? Naked Diablo 3 Female Wizards?

Yes, That's what the Diablo 3 developers say they were hard at work on before their Holiday break.

The question is: How interesting is this fact - really?

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Orphan3220d ago

I have a feeling that when they say "non-armored" they might be referring to plain clothes or otherwise "non-combatant" attire. Still, it's good that Blizzard is looking to offer some variety in outfits, on the same scope that Diablo 2 was.

ThanatosDMC3219d ago

I'm just glad it's not that green crap the sorceress wore the whole time in D2. Hopefully we can change the base look/color of our characters.

Fyzzu3220d ago

Nice to know they're spending their time making sure the game can be the best it can be.

Leord3219d ago

As naked as possible. I like that.

Cogo3219d ago

Well, they are not naked *per se*

Leord3219d ago

I know, but a man can dream, can't he? :)

Narutone663219d ago

the first and second Diablo. I almost had a heart attack while being chased by the butcher in Diablo 1. I can't complain even if it takes 10 years for Blizzards to finish the third iteration of the game. As long as they feel that it is polished enough for them to release it.

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Maticus3219d ago

I'm sure it will appeal to the masses...

Leord3219d ago

It will definitely appeal to you ;)

Cogo3219d ago

I think it appeals to most of us ;)

Orphan3219d ago

Mass need appealing, I would imagine

SCFreelancer3219d ago

I always find it entertaining that the char usually wears more clothing when "naked" then with some sets...

Nihilism3219d ago

that's what makes item sets worth collecting, everyone knows that you can get far better individual items with much less effort, it's all about the digital hottness, sacred 2 was good for that

Cogo3219d ago

That is actually quite hilarious. Look at WoW for instance. Some of the armour pieces cover barely nothing, the underwear they have covers more!

Narutone663219d ago

a friend of mine had all the characters in the game hacked to the highest level with unbelievably high mana and life. There was a Paladin with a set of items that all his skill levels are maximum and by just standing all the enemies that are near him dies from multiple elemental damage. He would go online and challenge his friends to a duel using his hacked characters. It was funny watching the opponents die without hitting them.

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