Beautiful Katamari rolls onto Live Arcade

The next instalment in the much-loved Katamari Damacy series, Beautiful Katamari, will be released via Xbox Live Arcade later this year.

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tplarkin74236d ago

Now I'm actually interested in it. I wasn't going to pay $60 for BK, but now that it's an XBLA game, I'll check it out. XBLA is turning out to be a major asset to the 360.

Diselage4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

They already previewed this title for XBLA, this is now news. Please report.

closedxxx4236d ago

Well that's just fantastic...
Here they were catching all this hate from the other camps because the graphics weren't "Next Gen" or "Upgraded" from the original title.
Well, the fact that it's DLC and I can buy it from my couch pretty much cancels out any of the earlier complaints.
Definitely downloading.

calderra4236d ago

...except the largest complaints I'd really heard were centered around wanting the devs to take their time, and actually work out all the glitches before shipping (like getting stuck in geometry, etc). I expect patching.

Macdory4235d ago

XBOX Live is at long last starting to get some decent games ... good ridance to the crappy 1980's retro bollox ...