Halo: Reach, new information from the magazine EDGE "A newest multiplayer mode for the FPS from Bungie!
It 'just been published in EDGE magazine in February 2010 and found an article dedicated entirely to the last effort of Bungie and the Halo series that ended with Halo: Reach. Will reveal all the information included in this special service created by colleagues from EDGE and will be satisfied the thirst for news of many admirers of the Spartans (or Covenant). A premise is a must. Although yesterday have been released some images earlier than expected (embargo broken), we can reassure users that the ultimate impact that Halo: Reach will be much higher. In fact, it is stated that Bungie has been working on a new graphics engine able to insert those effects that were not possible for the previous engine. "

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Perjoss3220d ago

for a game thats still far from release there sure is a lot of talk going on about it. If this carries on people might get fed up with hearing about Reach long before its released.

Rush-Sykes3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

To be honest ain't God of War 3 been just as bad if not worse? And anyway its Halo, Put Halo on any box (expect console RTS) and ama buy it. Next I need Halo Kart that would be legendary xD

Reach is like 6th on the most talked about games on this site, God of War 3 is 1st.


most of the people who get fedup with it are the ps3 fans...

the funny thing is when you read the comments, 75% of them are theirs, trying to downplay it any way they can.

for halo fans there is always lots to talk about in the halo universe , but most of these articles would not half as many comments if it really was just halo or 360 fans doing the commenting.

Bungie3220d ago

To sum up

-Reach is 70 percent complete.

-They gutted the old engine and left "no component untouched" when improving it.

-Now players will look the same throughout multiplayer, coop and singleplayer.

-Hints there will be power drain and grav lift armour abilities..

-There is a 3d radar and the HUD can now highlight various environmental features and overlay information about them.

-Night vision returns to Reach (as seen in ODST)

-On the pause screen it mentions "grades and credits" but Bungie wont discuss them yet. Probably to do with the character customization system

-The AR leaves smoke and sparks when it fires. Explosions have been completely redone for Reach. They are apparently, huge, dirty and lingering.

-Green marine monocle returns. WIN

-Bungie were disappointed with the reaction of people to the halo 3 marine, so theyve brought back the flavour of the halo 1 marine.

-The Facial animation will be consitant throughout the game and look just like the trailer.

-Mongoose return confirmed

-Assassinations (by holding down melee) will feature in multiplayer and the instant assassination of past halos may not be featured at all. Bungie is using the Beta to decide how it will feature.

-Huge landscapes - but you can visit each area. In coop you may see your buddy fighting a long way off in the distance.
Teleportation is far less strict.

-Bungie is bending the Xbox as far as it will bend and really pushing the hardware.

-Tung says there will be some big surprises in campaign.

-The game features rain which will leave covered areas dry and vice versa.

-Elite AI has been improved a lot. They might be doing something like fixing a door and then something may attack them, but once they have dealt with the threat theyll go back to what they were doing before.

Theres probably some stuff I missed

danthegardner3220d ago

Well it is expected that God of War 3 is talked about more, it's release date is closer. The hype for Halo Reach, when it is 2 months away, will be bigger when compared to Gow 3's at this time.

Rush-Sykes3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Well to be honest even 4 months back people where still hyping the hell out of God of War 3. Not that there's anything wrong with that I was just pointing on the bias in the first comment.

And of course the hype will be bigger at the time Halo's fanbase is something like 8x bigger then GOW it's to be expected.

Munky3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Does this look familiar?

Good job ripping some dude off. Unless you are that dude, in that case I apologize. ;)

ssipmraw3220d ago Show
Bungie3220d ago


i copied it from another source who maybe copied it from the original source

kewlkat0073220d ago

Your probably correct. Go into a GOW3 article and it's a different story. No reason to downplay a big release, when you know it will sell and is a popular game.

The Halo series sells well because gamers love it but some seem to think, everyone is fooled into buying it. Well how many times can you fool the same gamers.

Halo is Halo so of course I expect a lot of criticism. Love it or Hate it, ain't no stopping it.

dragonelite3220d ago

They did the same with odst and for a overpriced expansion their words not mine it sold more then uncharted 2.

webeblazing3219d ago

that list is good i feel they should of been did those tho. like ai, the AR effect and environment effects and animations was always done better by other devs and and seem like they did try in the other halo games glad they stepping up they game or catching up.

LEGENDARY PELON3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

This article said something about having to reload snipers every time you shoot.Well what exactly did the article exactly mean with this?

I hope they dnt take out the sniper rifle from previous
Halo games. It was a favorite of mines.

I also dnt want to reload every single time i shoot a sniper rifle or having to zoom in every time i shoot

As long as they keep the sniper from previous Halo games, im a happy man.

Well yea, can anyone answer my question?

SixZeroFour3219d ago


i think what they mean is that there is an animation of you reloaded the next bullet (not actually having to press the reload button) for the sense of shot one kill....however i think it WILL make it slower to fire the next shot

im guessing multiplayer will have huge maps (lots of vehicles, including weaponless vehicles) where snipers can camp in long distances

also @bungie

hmm, forgot that assasination was engaged by holding melee for a second or that makes me wonder what murder mode really is, cause i originally thought murder mode = stealth assasination, but i guess i was wrong

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jozzah3220d ago

Pretty much the same as my Title, CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME

LeslieLu3220d ago

Hey if you want something to check out while you wait for Reach, I found a cool new PSA from the Red vs. Blue guys:

Karooo3220d ago

is going to give it 10/10

Trebius3220d ago

EDGE has already proven themselves to be biased.

ssipmraw3220d ago

i actually like reading through EDGE, but the reviews i could care less about

Meryl3220d ago

Of course they will, they probably have their huge check from MS already, and give it 10/10

Michael-Jackson3220d ago

LOL, when I clicked this I said to myself "Edge is going to give this game 10/10".

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GR8 13220d ago

You sony fanboys never quit, can't believe you get so frustrated when some magazine gives HALO REACH a cover story.LOL

mcnablejr3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

''awww they must have their cheque already''
''aww edge is biased''
''aww its a sh**y magazine''
grow up, you know its going to get 10/10 stop trying to make yourself think the game is bad, when you know in your heart it will dominate (once again). =D

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