Slingbox coming to PS3

In an interview at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada with Leo Laporte The Tech Guy, Jay Tannenbaum of Slingbox mentioned that Slingbox will be headed towards the Sony PlayStation 3.

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Guido3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

It truly is the one device to rule all other devices in your entertainment center.


If you want BC in your console then find a 60 gig PS3 from the early days. I for one have one and to be honest, there are too many good new games available to even desire BC. It's the only talking point the Xbox fanboys have now and since the PS3 does everything else so well, it's a moot point.

thereapersson3219d ago

It really does do everything

(except for PS2 backwards compatibility)

Caffo013219d ago

it does that too if you have a 60gb ps3..

Double Toasted3219d ago

don't give a flying f*ck if your console has BC...just stop.

thereapersson3219d ago

Used to... until my 60GB system YLOD'ed on me, with Borderlands stuck inside


Raoh3219d ago

Trust me the PS3 will do full PS2 compatibility once sony stops production of the PS2..

i expect them to announce it just around the exact 10 year anniversary of the ps2...

at this time things could get interesting.. sony may buy all the ps2 developers that have not moved to the ps3 and and make them first party devs for the ps3.. maybe even put them under other devs like naughty dog and insomniac

just my own opinion of the future

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Double Toasted3219d ago

...can I now use my console as a DVR? If so...its about time.

thereapersson3219d ago

Thankfully the PS3 allows easy swapping of drives, because with the capabilities of the console itself, it's definitely a necessity

duplissi3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

if i had cable tv i would fill my lovely 500 to the brim...

edit: wait is slingbox a dvr anyway?

Narutone663219d ago

anyone you know has a slingbox. You could stream your cable TV to your PS3 through an application. For example, I could stream US cable TV to my PS3 or laptop here in Asia if someone I knew in the US has a slingbox. You could record cable TV programs, since slingbox is also a DVR.

FarEastOrient3219d ago

If you are in Europe or Japan the DVR function is already there, I'm waiting for that function to come to the States myself.

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Double Toasted3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

something like a small attachment...a micro slingbox or maybe Slingbox software... ...but I guess you still have to buy the original box.

mc-fine3219d ago

The whole benefit of the slingbox is remote access. PS3 is in my home. Even if I decide I want to go this route I will need to go buy the Slingbox pro-hd for $260-300 which is the price of a PS3 in the first place. Then you have to deal with slingboxes not having built-in wifi so you have to run cable to your router/modem.

I guess if you already have a slingbox its a nice free extra. But I don't see this causing people to go out and buy one. Half the ppl already have the PS3 setup in the same room with the DVR. The other half would rather walk to the living room than shell out $200+ for a slingbox.

FarEastOrient3219d ago

Actually the benefit is able to remote access your PS3 from your PSP and get the features that the Sling provides. Just like PlayTV can be controlled through the PSP when you are away from home that is housing the PS3.

Bathyj3219d ago

Some folks call it a Kaizer Box, I call it a Sling Box, uh huh.

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