Bayonetta: Already (Not) Game of the Year?

Looking at the list of games headed to shelves this year, one has to wonder: are gamers going to remember how good Bayonetta is when it's time to hand out the 2010 Game of the Year awards? Sure, maybe it's waaaaay too early to be thinking about that, but let's face facts. No matter what Sega says about translation issues and "optimum release time," they delayed Bayonetta because it's a new Japanese IP that would've gone head-to-head with the 2009 Fall Clusterf--k.

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LukaX233219d ago

Bayonetta is great, but it's certainly not GOTY. It sure is a great change of pace from all the usual war games with lame heros, so a tall, teacher-looking hottie with hair as an outfit certainly does make for a great game, but certainly isn't a GOTY for most.

FamilyGuy3219d ago

I remember the high scores but what I DON'T remember is anyone thinking it could be a GOTY contender to begin with. There are a LOT of good looking games coming out this year so if Bayonetta DID win GOTY it would mean all the other were very much overhyped, under delivered or were disappointments in some way shape or form and that would be a VERY BAD THING.

3219d ago
Corrwin3219d ago

GOTY used to mean something you could pick up years alter and still enjoy as much as you did the first time.

Now it's applied to any game that gives you a cheap thrill for a weekend, and is forgotten just as quickly! Assassin's Creed 2, Red Faction: Guerilla, anybody?

Hakimy3219d ago

It might compete with the action category this year but game of the year? I don't think so ;)

keysy4203219d ago

better than darksiders o ra bunch of other games that are out around this time. fifa 11 will be a better game that bayonetta

hoops3219d ago

It will get nominated...winning? Hmmmm