NES Golf, World Sports Competition, and Bloody Wolf added to the Virtual Console

Nintendo has just announced that NES Open Tournament Golf (NES, 500 points), World Sports Competition (TG16, 600 points), and Bloody Wolf (TG16, 600 points) will be added to the Wii Shop Channel at 12 noon EST..."

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SaturnTo4736d ago

It's great that Nintendo is frequently adding more and more games to the Virtual Console. Why the heck is Sony so slow in getting out games on theirs.

Bill Gates4736d ago

Oh, I get it. Everyone's buying the Wii just to play NES games. Smart move on Nintendo. The NES was a huge success so why not bring it back with a deferent look.

ITR4736d ago

Probably because most people that like retro games...rather have them un-touched.

Like the new PSP ver of Dracula X for the old PC Engine...looks all 3D but the intro now has no backstory or even german voice acting. The orig musical score has also been altered. Things in the PC Engine ver made Dracula X special back then.

PS360WII4736d ago

why not right. Every week they add another 3 or more titles. It's relativly low cost to them to put it out on there to the return is great and it's a nice convenience if you don't have the titles already or your old system broke and you don't want to grab another old system just to play that game. Just buy it on the VC!

I would like it if PSN pumped out the games like VC does. Sure VC doesn't have a must have every week but they always have something. We know Sony has a massive library from PS1 and PS2 so what they hey right they could pump them out just as fast

closedxxx4736d ago

That's some of the best graphics I've seen yet on the Wii :-(

drtysouf214736d ago

still waiting for Super Mario 3.

closedxxx4736d ago

What you could do (although I don't condone it) is grab yourself an Emulator (Nesticles is decent) and the Super Mario Bros. 3 rom. Then get a crap controller for your pc and have a blast. And while your at it, go download the rest of the classic NES titles.