BeefJack: Gameplay and Story: What's the Right Ratio

BeefJack writes: "Back in the 1980's, video games were all about gameplay. Sure, you were almost always out to save the princess, the world or some other idealized entity, but that was never at the core. As video games have evolved, some developers are trying to make a drastic switch by reversing the model. Story first is the mantra for titles like Heavy Rain, where we might as well be looking forward to an interactive movie. Which camp has the right idea here Or, perhaps more importantly, what is the best ratio between gameplay and story in the video game industry today?"

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Cyrus3653194d ago

To me it's all about the gameplay,you can have an amazing story, but if the gameplay element sucks, or is broken, the game isn't gonna go far, and will break down.

A game that has good/great gameplay, but a crappy story or mediocre story, is still gonna draw people, for it's awesome gameplay mechanics (See Gears of war).

Obviously it'd be best to have best of both worlds, or an equally good game mechanics and storyline.

nkakolowski3193d ago

I really think that sports games could get the most out of integrating story and gameplay. There are so many times when the game feels devoid of personality because their is nothing separating teams and players from one another besides numbers and the colors on the jersey.

Cyrus3653193d ago

Yeah agreed,

I think they associate Sports with just diehard fans, so they don't care about anything other than the ability to play their fav. team.