PS3 Console Production Starting This Month

Asustek Computer Inc. will produce and deliver PlayStation 3 game consoles to Sony Corp this month as the Japanese firm moves to step up output to meet demand for the November Launch and the Christmas shopping season. The first consignment is for 4 million units, noting that monthly shipments will start at 200,000 units and rising to 2 million units starting in October.

Aflac6168d ago

these things might just burn the building down, r even blow it up. After all, they've still been having parts melt (last I've heard) lol!

AuburnTiger6167d ago

Who told you that? Was TheMart your resource or was it landofsand?


gosh, you are so funny. i never have said the PS3 will burn down anything, except Sony stockholders.

Marty83706168d ago

#1 - The majority of them rumours were from 'The enquirer'and proved false.

HyperBear6168d ago

The people that said they saw a PS3 blow up or not work were rumors. It was actually the Ac Adapter they saw that wouldnt start the machine, and when they got a new adapter, it turned on and worked fine. They havent blown up yet, but if they dont start testing every PS3, to make sure all the systems work, then they will be screwed.


who is going to turn on and play 4 million PS3 consoles to test them?! krazy ken? gametime?

(actually, gametime would love that! lol)

kingboy6168d ago

keep them coming i`m hungry

zypher6167d ago

decent news. can't wait for PS3.

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