Take Two to boost Wii and DS support

Strauss Zelnick, chairman of Take Two has said in a investor conference call that they are going to be fully behind the Wii and Nintendo DS. He said that with the current state of the Wii and DS, it's clear that they should develop a strategy for them coming into the 2008 budget season. Manhunt and Carnival Games are already on the way but even more could be arriving on Nintendo systems in the future.

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PS360WII4733d ago

alright alright. Slowly but surely. All these devs keep wanting in on the Wii bandwagon

ItsDubC4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I think Take Two boosting Wii support is more newsworthy than other developers doing the same thing simply because many ppl think that the Wii is child-oriented (I bet many Wii-scoffers didn't realize that they had something in common w/ Jack Thompson). Take Two is known for their adult-oriented games so this news can be viewed as evidence against that perception.

firstworldman4731d ago

It definitely makes sense.
My only concern with something like this–Adult-Oriented Games-is that with the Wii's control scheme do you think that more games are going to be hit with a similar AO–Manhunt2-because the control scheme will outweigh the content.
It seems that people agree that it is much different to hit a A button followed by a B button to execute a choke-hold than it is to move your left arm in a half-circle forward and then pull back.

But, honestly, I believe that this will simply open a new genre of games for adults which the game entertainment industry really needs.
We have books for adults and movies for adults. Why not games?