The Noob Tube - What it is, Why we hate it, How we can fix it

It's a nickname for the Grenade Launcher used in all sorts of shooter games that makes the Multiplayer veterans of the genre cringe. Infamously derived from it's absurdly cheap kills and the blatant lack of skill needed to use it. It has existed in the FPS and TPS genre for a long time. While the weapon has been notoriously overpowered in many games for years, Many Developers fail to try and fix the problem at hand. With the general public's expectations of pretty explosions, 'Modern' weapons and essentially a pretty fireworks show, the 'Noob tube' unfortunately has always found itself a role, somewhere and somehow in almost every Shooter game, giving new players an overpowered 'noob-ish' weapon and giving Veterans of particular games a reason to break their controller (or keyboard).

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w0ngle3196d ago

I hate them in multiplayer, not so much in singleplayer

Agent Smith3196d ago

Use the Danger Close Perk and you don't even have to try aiming the noob tube.

Madusha3196d ago

Hate all of it. Good writing.

The Meerkat3196d ago

I use Danger close, Noob tubes and thumper when I go Nuke Booster huntin' in FFA.

Its the least they deserve!!!

DarkTower8053196d ago

How can a grenade launcher be overpowered, lol? If anything it's underpowered in MW2. I've been using it for about a week now and I love how it pisses people off. Grown men will cry like babies and send hate mail lol.

People need to stop worrying about how others play and mind their own business.

camachoreloaded88063196d ago

Been using the noob tube with danger close and one man army long before anyone started writing about it, and man, I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

I always thought that the grenade kills at the start of matches in COD4 were a helluva lot cheaper. I mean, 10 seconds into the match and everyone just points up to the sky and throws all three grenades they have on them? THAT annoyed me. This, not so much. Well, cause I haven't encountered anyone yet with the same perk/weapon loadout as me, haha.

StanLee3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

TAR 21 with Grenade Launcher
RPG7 x2
Stun x 2
Scavenger Pro
Danger Close Pro
Sit Rep

Killstreaks rewards: Predator Missile, Stealth Bomber (underrated), AC130.

You'll blow up the world. Got 90 kills in a Ground War Domination game. Literally got 11 kills in 10 seconds on Sub Base. Spawned at C and ran to the window overlooking B and caught 3 on the B flag with the RPG. Ripped the second RPG into the tunnel for another triple and caught 5 of them running out their spawn at A with the predator missile.

Alcon Caper3196d ago

I think a good counter would be a "Dive" response, where a quick button hit option and directional pull would allow you dive out of the way of a (delayed) launched grenade. It would significantly reduce the damage from the blast if you successfully dive away in the right direction.

You could even make a perk where you could automatically recover faster from the dive.

The dive would only be accessible when the grenade icon pops up on the screen.

TotalPS3Fanboy3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Even the grandes are homing, so that if you throw one not even near an enemy, it will roll around until it hit that enemy.

So how is noobtubing cheap?

Want to play a real game that's not cheap? Go play Killzone 2 or BF:BC2.

The Happy Baby3196d ago

Whats your GT? I wanna play with a guy who appreciates the effectiveness of the stealth bomber.

I never used the Nade Launcher, until I read about the whole One Man Army loadout. Now I only really use it with that loadout. To be honest? Its fun. And its not like these Veterans cant do the same. Besides, if they are that badass, then they shouldnt have a problem beating me still.


Sm0k3y_Bac0n3196d ago

@ Stan Lee.
Its a good loadout, but using explosives has its limits. You can go further with bullets imo. Ive tried explosive loadouts, but i can still get more kills with an MP5. Best with explosives is about 80, but ive had 100+ with MP5 or Scar

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ASSASSYN 36o3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Another cry article. They are useless in close range. Get close and fight harder.

White phosphorus can cause injuries and death in three ways: by burning deep into tissue, by being inhaled as a smoke, and by being ingested. Extensive exposure by burning and ingestion is fatal.

Just goes to show a lot of people have no idea WTF they want. Using phosphorous grenades is lethal and it lingers in the air causing persistent burns. In MW2 it would be one hell of a denied access weapon.

Believe me you don't want to get hit with this crap.

Claudinho693196d ago

single handedly destroying mw2........ok and the commando

LA-Z-BOY-_-3196d ago


pimpmaster3196d ago

i dunno who to hate more the noobtuber or the akimbo shotguns, when it comes down to it there both gay.

DARK WITNESS3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

they are... but the commando speedos are worse in my opinion.

I have had people try to noob tube me and miss...

I have had people try to the models and take shots at me and miss...

the commando's, they just run straight at you, you shoot but because of the bullet lag they just skip through it and stab.

I am not big on complaining, I still generally believe in letting people play the way they want. If you are good you will adapt and find ways round them.

I use to have a code when i play cod but with MW2 i have to say i really don't care. I won't think twice about using a noob tube or models on anyone i see running round the map with a knife. most people i seem to come across using commando can't shoot for Sh$5t... so they use the easiest thing for them. hey, i will do the same.

mrv3213196d ago

It's a game, it's not designed for you. It's designed for you to adapt to it.

I never find NooBTuBers annoying because A) I don't stand back against the wall oh and B I tend to pick my fights for example go close range and flank them.

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