First Screens From 360 Version Of Tomb Raider Anniversary

Eidos announced today that Tomb Raider Anniversary will be released on Xbox Live via episodic content. The pack of 4 episodes, along with the Croft Manor, will cost 2400 points. A version of Tomb Raider Legend will be required to play the game, but a full retail version will also be available a bit later. First screens inside.

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MaximusPrime4733d ago

i got to admit... the graphics are roughly the same as PS2 version.
It is similar when this PS2 game is played on PS3 with HD upscaling.

Crazyglues4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Yeah I agree and that's probably the sad part about this game... but I guess the people who still buy this game won't care. Me I just can't support games that don't make an effort to make real Next gen games.

BIadestarX4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Hence why the game is pretty much an xbox live arcade game being distributed via download like Pacman. The game is obviously a small game in terms of space. I think this game may be just a port from the PS2. Honesly I was not expecting this game to be made from the ground up for the xbox 360 since it's a port and I think no one would pay $60 a pop for it. That would be a waste of money in their part since I don't think it will sell better than if they just make a brand new game.

BoneMagnus4733d ago

Will rent this one too. Fun games - but not worth 60 bone.

ShiftyLookingCow4733d ago

there is a reason why it costs 30(its actually better than most arcade games that costs 10 a pop) bucks instead of 60, if the retail costs 60 which I am sure it wont, I think you are better off buying legend then downloading anniversary

Primal Rex4733d ago

When is it going to be released anyone got a release date yet.

xg-ei8ht4733d ago

Still an awsome game, and tbh looks so much better then any screenshots i've seen.

I have this on p.c atm, and its brilliant.

One of the best versions there is.

And tbh looks better then legend in some areas, even without everything next gen, theres a sort of hdr(bloom) and also depth of field in this version also.

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