Burnout Paradise Boxes

Burnout Paradise, the first truly next-gen installation of the fast-paced racing franchise, is still months and months away. It's not slated to drop in the US and Europe until sometime in the fourth quarter this year, but EA have already decided what it's going to look like on store shelves. The boxes for the European versions have been released, both showing a rather sadly dilapidated Porsche-esque car.

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MaximusPrime4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

can't wait for this game. Going to be fantastic on PS3.

@ SuperSaiyan - im aware that this will also be released on xb360. Criterion says that PS3 has more power to make Burnout even more spectacular. Especially when the cars collide. Xb360 will also be brilliant but not so spectacular.

Don't believe me? check further in N4G.

God of Gaming4232d ago

Dont be upset then when the reviews say they are exactly the same....

THAMMER14232d ago

I think we will get a chance to see for sure once the games are available.

I really think your just looking for any excuse to slam the 360. I can not blame you though. You seem like a hard core Sony fan and Sony has had to bite the bullet for some time now. You must be miserable.

SuperSaiyan44232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Should be awesome on 360 as well.

Since EA like only to use their own servers it would be even better to get to play PS3 vs 360 gamers lol.

Edit: Devs have been talking the talk saying all ports i.e. FNR3 and other games will look far better but they haven't.
Lets wait and see...

youzef4232d ago

This game will be made first on the PS3 then gets ported to the 360 although releasing at the same time.

EaziG4232d ago

Ported, "Downscaled", then released on the 360

MK_Red4232d ago

Cant wait for Burnout Paradies but didn't they release the box arts 3 months ago?

THAMMER14232d ago

Why do you think the game will be down scaled? Can you break it down in an inteligent and relevant way or are you just spewing fan boy dribble?

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