Media Create hardware estimates (1/11 - 1/17)

Hardware sales estimates for Media Create data are now available in advance of numbers that will be officially revealed tomorrow.

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Valay3194d ago

These were the Media Create numbers last week:

PSP - 145,682
Wii - 76,772
PS3 - 61,591
DSi - 50,178
DSi LL - 45,221
DS Lite - 10,067
Xbox 360 - 5,461
PS2 - 3,092
PSP go - 2,841

If the estimated figures stick, then...Well, that's clearly a big drop.

colonel1793194d ago

the PS3 is getting back to the 30K again...

Why is the Wii still selling so much, is people buying 3 Wii's to go along their 7 DS's??!


I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893194d ago

yeah microsoft is lucky for north america mostly america i think canada is more ps3 but dont really know for sure.....

LordMarius3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Wii 55,300
PS3 33,400

someone explain

no need to explain this
Xbox 360 4,800

Shang-Long3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

its the Wii?

this could explain it
[WII] Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – 73,000 / NEW

gaffyh3193d ago

Super Mario Bros Wii.

NYC_Gamer3194d ago

MS might aswell close up shop out in Japan

Henry Cain3194d ago

M$ needs to pull the ripcord on the 360 in japan

zoks3103194d ago

They forgot the ripcord on the plane, so they are pretty much done for.

Danja3194d ago

Why should they , they sold over 1 million 360's ... Almost doubling the amount of the first Xbox , MS knew they wouldn't win Japan , I'm sure they are happy with the progress they made .... Maybe not much but come next gen ... They will most likely double the 360 sales ....

SixZeroFour3194d ago

i think natal may be able to boost sales a bit in japan even if only for a few weeks or months because i think the japanese market is into stuff like natal

only time will tell i guess

badz1493193d ago

there's a limit for being optimistic you know. M$ has spent god knows how much to break into the Japanese market and plus the exclusive JRPG deals, I don't think that they are "happy" the 360 sold just a mere 1mil+ after more than 4 years trying!

hatchimatchi3193d ago

i don't live in japan, but the area in asia where i live most people here buy the 360 because it's simple to mod and you can buy bootleg games for 2 dollars.

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neil903194d ago

This isn't the numbers it is how much they dropped this week to last.

SixZeroFour3194d ago

what the heck are you talking about, are you saying that those numbers are how much each console dropped from last week

so wii dropped 55k and ps3 dropped 33k from last week? you realize that last week wii sold 76k and ps3 sold by your logic, that would mean that YOU think wii sold 20k and ps3 sold 32k? and xbox sold like 1k (after differences)

lmao...where did you come up with that theory? was it just cause the wii and ps3 numbers were real low for this week, and you thought that they sold in the 100k+ last week or something

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The story is too old to be commented.