3D Realms' new shooter revealed

The first info is beginning to trickle in on 3D Realms' promised "big announcement", Earth No More, a new Xbox 360, PS3 and PC shooter from ex-Max Payne devs Recoil Gamers.

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MK_Red4143d ago

Kool name and premise. Hope they stay true to their promise.

Nicosia4143d ago

I Guess Mass Effect did have effect on Devs. Good to see a new ip coming though, sequals are getting tired. Well till 2009 lol..

youzef4143d ago

lol the title seems funny a bit but anyway Max Payne was good!

DrWan4143d ago

another shooter and gun related gun...lack of innovations these days..stop making these shooters..make something else..

socomnick4143d ago

Aren't these guys making alan wake too.