Feeling Nostalgic? These 6 Xbox And PS2 Games Should Quench Your Thirst

GT: Well go dig in your closet, dust off that PS2 or Xbox (which ever one you own), Let's take a joyride together: Here are 6 games to satisfy your soul:

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mjolliffe3288d ago

I'd definitely return to Devil May Cry - Brilliant!

movements3288d ago

Has been one of the best games to ever hit the PS2 (the first DMC). Just an overall awesome effort.

respawnaction3288d ago

Word, so many titles to choose from. These are certainly some of the best ps2 titles to name, but there are still so many more. Good list w/ these 3.

movements3288d ago

You're right spawn....Over 2000 games on that box.

movements3288d ago

Had some great titles too, games like Ninja Gaiden, Fable, Halo, MGS: Substance really helped define that system....

aeontdi3288d ago

Good rundown of great titles from the era. I know not many played it at first including myself but BG&E was anoter one worth checking out on either of these consoles.