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N4PS3G3218d ago

MASS ERECT in Epic proportions!! :O :O

Saaking3218d ago

lmao, you're a bit too excited about it.

DSI3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

IMAO, you're not excited

duplissi3218d ago

lol, why are games so damn good lately? on second thought i wont test that....

johnnywit3218d ago


You know how you get those chills down your back when david gilmour plays that incredible solo in the wall, this video did the same thing. Only way I could explain how epic it was.

bpac1234567893218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

It's time to get a 360 of my own. Can't keep play testin on friends consoles lol. I tried to resist the urge but dammit I gotta play Mass effect and Splinter Cell. Thanks Microsoft, If you had just let those games go multiplatform like everyone thought they would you would have saved me a lot of money.

Edit: There's only a few trailers that I can (recenlty) remember being more epic one of them would have to be the courage is Solid trailer. I think that is my favorite trailer ever, but this is definitely in the top 10.

thewhoopimen3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I know! I totally agree! I'm going to sell my PC... oh wait, I can play it on my computer??!!! Scratch that idea. Awesome!~

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tdogchristy903218d ago

I just got through playing the first ME for the first time. It was a game that gave me that great childhood feeling, i can't remember the last time I had that. It was just amazing, I can't wait.

Endless_X3218d ago

If anyone is interested, The music is from Two Steps from Hell.

The song is called Heart of Courage.

003218d ago

surprised they even used that, yet it's very fitting. man the wait is killing me

STICKzophrenic3218d ago

Oh man this game looks like it'll be even more epic than the first.

SlipperyMooseCakes3218d ago

I couldn't get into the first game, but this might change up everything. This game looks amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.