More Borderlands DLC On The Way

Borderlands has received two DLC packs so far but Gearbox isn't done just yet. According to studio boss Randy Pitchford, you might not have to pay for all of the new content.

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chak_3281d ago

that's great.

Too bad I didn't like the game much. I was really expecting it, played through, and...well stopped, didn't want to play the game+ and all :/

Something was missing for me, but I understand people loving it

EvilCackle3281d ago

Yeah, I had my fill after one play-through. I imagine I would've enjoyed it more had I played more of it with co-op instead of going solo, though.

Typical-Guy3281d ago

It's true that the game is a bug and glitch feast, but I really love it. It's fun. Can't wait for the DLC.

Double Toasted3281d ago talking about the PC version then.

moe843281d ago

PC version is full of bugs and glitches?

Funny, mine wasn't. And I play Borderlands.. a lot

Maybe something is up with your copy? Your computer?

Ahh, I know what this is.


SuperStrokey11233281d ago

There isnt too many glitches in this game and they are getting addressed more and more. Dont worry about it guys.

ThanatosDMC3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

not on my Wii... oh wait

Anyway, im glad they're saying it'll be free but it's a "might be free". The DLC was overpriced for how much gaming you can do which is about an hour or two.

Fallout 3's DLCs lasted for hours on end at least but good thing there was Fallout 3 GOTY.

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edhe3281d ago

On this site.. too many question marks.. in headlines... there is.


It's not a news site, it's a fanboi infested rumour mill.

jerethdagryphon3281d ago

the pc version isnt very well optimized for multi core machines and before patch 1.2 had a tendency to give general protection faults, add to that shodow issues and texture glitches, when alt tabbing or whatever it was buggy and having played it in coop for 100 hours over new years on quad core machines with gf8s in them it was playable but needed tweaking to run correctly.

SuperStrokey11233281d ago

More Borderlands DLC = win imo

Love this game

spektical3281d ago

this game is soo easy to mod.

anyways the last DLC was a joke, its not even balanced per players playing. I expect a Zombie Island DLC. The new DLC should make the level cap higher and the profiency levels higher and add more quests!!

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