PM Studios Updates Us On Gunbird 2 Remix And DJ Max

Siliconera: PM Studios has spent a lot of time on the PSP. Is branching out to consoles one of your goals for 2010?

PM Studios: We sure are. As I stated before, we are very interested in HD gaming. And our minds are set on PS3.

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MetalGearRising3193d ago

DJ Max Developer sounds like a loser.......Keep him we don't need him working on xbox360 thanks.

WildArmed3193d ago

sounds good, more HD love for all

lightningsax3193d ago

Anything involving both "Gunbird 2" and "New" is an interesting thing to follow in my book. Sure, out-of-the-loop kids like me had to find this game using emulation, but it's one of the best reasons to have MAME on the computer!

As for whether or not they'll screw it up... well, I really don't know much about this company, so there's no prediction there. If they do, I'll just go play the original.