God of War III Playstation 3 bundle packshot

European retailers reveal the packshot for God of War III PS3 bundle in addition to the box art for the collector's edition of the game.

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LordMarius3192d ago

OMG that looks sweet
if I were to buy this, I would keep that box forever

System Seller!

3192d ago
deadreckoning6663192d ago

I thought the system was supposed to have a special design on it. Judging from the box, its a regular black PS3 Slim.

Elimin83192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Anything with Kratos on it says BADASS.

That box says "Buy or Die"..

SolidAhmed3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )


Anorexorcist3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Now I know using a very graphic illustration of Kratos ripping out a cyclop's eyeball or something would not be a smart decision since retailers like Wal-Mart may complain about the graphic depiction, but hell some kind of amazing set piece of Kratos like the one below would have been much better for attention-grabbing pack art.

Just Saying.

Blaze9293192d ago

I agree. Just my OPINION...but I don't really see whats so great or "badass" about that current bundle art. The picture you posted would have been a better choice and definitely would have mad it "badass"

randomwiz3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Kratos is on it. That on its own makes it "badass".

but seriously, i agree, i wish they'd use a more action packed visual(but not too violent). But i guess you also have to consider the color scheme of "ps3" and "playstation network"

at least the European box art(of the game) looks cool

badz1493192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

come on! I would like it to be something like FFXIII! carve some GoW symbol on the PS3 or something! I'm complaining because I really want a new PS3 and I want it to be different! - just so I can convince myself why it's ok to have 2 PS3s!!

zeeshan3192d ago

I don't know why you guys are complaining. The box doesn't look that bad at all. In fact, it looks as if Kratos is coming out of that box!

mfwahwah3192d ago

I bet NA will get a custom PS3 / bundle.

Minimox163191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Why even Darksider had a custom PS3 but this epic game don't :/

gaffyh3191d ago

Looks good, but I really like that Heavy Rain bundle box art.

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MetalGearRising3192d ago

Bundle looks as if sony is desperate well i guess i don't blame them they are last(3RD) it won't help either way.

360hasnogamesfor20103192d ago

"halo killer bundle confirmed"

anyway time for another acount metalgear...:P

LordMarius3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )
one bubble, finally

TheHater3192d ago

it just means he is going to create a new account.

LordMarius3192d ago

well I havent seen TheLies after he went to one bubble
so here is hoping for the same
or they are probably the same bot, eh...

TheHater3192d ago

They are probable the same, but I think the "TheLies" created a new account.

Sunny_D3192d ago

I bet his new account is going to be another PS3 exclusive. What's it going to be this time? GodOfWar3? Or HeavyRain?

TheHater3192d ago

Don't give him any ideas now.

PimpHandHappy3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

not really
360 is 3rd
PS3 is 4th
Wii is 2nd

considering a certain SONY system is still being sold and all ;-)

oh btw
i can now take you off my ignore list

hiyaku3192d ago

And the RRODBOX has no games. :-)

Enjoy your bullsh*t rehashes bot.

Foliage3192d ago

I thought TheLies was Bungie, or is that PoG?
It's hard to keep track of the two xbox users on this website. So many accounts. We need an account tree showing the various branching of the 2 only xbox fans on this site.

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xtremeimport3192d ago

hello kratos..can we be friends?

will be maybe buying this bundle since i want the new ps3...but i kinda want the collectors edition GoWIII

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3192d ago

came out in the US i would buy it.. but the US never has any good bundles so ill dream on

Kurisu3192d ago

Will it be available to purchase on it's own, or just as part of the ultimate bundle? I say this because I have already got the God of War Collection which I bought from eBay.

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