GamerZines: 5 Games Rare Should Revive

In a recent interview regarding Perfect Dark, which is hitting Xbox Live soon, Rare's boss Mark Betteridge hinted that it might not be the last game they will resurrecting. "..but we've got over 25 years of IP to dip into so there's no shortage of possibilities."

GamerZines has named their top 5 games that Rare should look at next. This list for obvious reasons does not include any games for which Nintendo own the IP and it does not include Golden Eye. Regardless of how much you want it, Golden Eye is never going to get a re-release.

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THE MAX SPEED 213286d ago

the writter did a little typ :S

it's jet force Gemini and not Jet force radio(got the names confused with JET set Radio).

Rare could do all these titles but I bet Lame Ass MS aint even trying to let them do them. smh

Ninji3286d ago

Because everytime they do it flops just like Banjo Kafloppy: Nuts & Flops. They should just stick to new IPs like Kameo & Viva Pinata rather than reviving a classic franchise just to ruin it like the others.

-MD-3286d ago

You have to be a 25 year+ old virgin, there is no other explanation.

-MD-3286d ago

Killer Instinct

do it.