InsideGamer: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Impressions

IG writes: "Modern Warfare 2 is currently the king of the shooters, but there is the competitive pressure on the chair legs cut and nailed to the road. The main challenger is Battlefield: Bad Company 2, on the one hand, has looked good for 2 Modern Warfare, but also adds many elements themselves."

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-Alpha3220d ago

Didn't understand all of that but he didn't sound too excited.

Though, the description of his game sounded just like what I expected. BFBC2 is insanely tight-- the reliance on teamwork is great, the guns all feel awesome and they are all balanced:

-The snipers dominate long range
-The LMGs dominate at mid range and suppress numbers
-The SMGs dominate close range
-The shotguns decimate at point blank
-The Assault rifles are great for all ranges, but unlike in MW2 they are master to none of it. The jack of all trades-- don't expect to kick ass against a SMG in close range.

The vehicles are also well balanced and as long as you work as a team they don't dominate too much, and of course, the destruction is plentiful.

Then there's also the amount of goodies-- from perks to unlocking guns through leveling up classes, unlocking features, earning medals and in-game achievements... its a very great game and it surely is better than MW2 in terms of balance, variation, etc.

Tomorrow they are revealing details for SP. The one thing wrong with BF1 was the light-hearted story. This time around it's going to be more serious, mature, and action-packed.

I cant wait for it.

If there is one thing missing, it is offline play/co-op. Hopefully they surprise us with story co-op

perseus3219d ago

The one thing wrong? That was the best part! I'm sick to my back teeth of evil terrorists and bad countries with nukes and evil-bad-guys-but-maybe-we-are -the-evil-ones twists to poorly written stories.

I want my FPS games to be fun. BC1 had a tonne of problems, but one thing it had no problem with was fun. I laughed. It was juvenile. It was like Ocean's 11 wrapped into 3 Kings wrapped into Kelly's Heroes.

Great game. I hope it stays light with Bad Company 2.

jjohan353219d ago

BC1 has a ton of problems. Army of Two 40th day, EA's latest shooter, has a TON of online problems as well. I have no idea why everyone is so excited about another game from EA. It's going to be buggy.