An Electro-candy Review:- An Open Letter to Terry Cavanagh – A VVVVVV Review

By Daniel Lipscombe

Dear Mr Cavanagh,

Can I call you Terry? I hope this is ok to do, because Terry, I'd like to talk to you about your videogame VVVVVV. Do you hate me? Do you hate all of the videogame community? I don't believe we've ever met, if we have, I'd like to know what I did to you. Did I tread on your foot? Spill your pint? Why did you make this game that hates me so much?

I'm going to admit, I love it. The visual style is second to none, reminds me of bygone days and sitting at my Atari 2600 watching the pixelated colours dance by. What you have created here is a portal to my childhood and for that I thank you. Even the music reminds me of jaunts to the local arcade, with its chip-tune sounds, it's hypnotic, vibrant and it taps into the gamer in my heart. The character design, whilst basic due to its style, is wonderful; the optimistic smile on the captain's face despite the peril is charming. It also helps to see a smiling face whilst being tormented by your satanic creation.

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