MS dodges Xbox 360 hardware questions

Microsoft says it takes customer concerns about Xbox 360 hardware quality "very seriously" but denies there are any "systematic issues" and won't specifically address concerns relating to defect or return rates.

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ImWithStupid4736d ago

when will these idiots realize this destroys their image in the mind of the consumer. Most couldn't careless about fanboy logic and just see a company that is dodging questions on shoddy hardware quality.

seems like MS needs to go take some business

Why o why4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

SOME 360 owners let them get away with it. They should not have to pay for warranty on a console (unheard of in the UK), they should not be receiving refurbs and they should definitely not have to pay anything other than shipping. If the 360 community stood firm then ms wouldn't have to act this way like nothings wrong. I respect the 360 owners who challenged ms over its practices. I understand why ms wont tell the truth on this 1 though. it just wouldn't look good plus ms is actually getting money of the back of the faliures. I have 2 close friends with 360's and only 1 has failed. The fact that their giving people refurbs by def means that that was another persons failled 360 which might explain the people who are on their 3rd and 4th machines

clownfacemcgee4736d ago

When I look at your profile, you don't have any gamertags listed. You say you have 2 friends with 360's and "only" 1 failed. That's 50% after it's only been out for 1 1/2 years and I don't know how long your friends have even had them for. 50%? 50%! "Only" 50%!?!?!?! You're INSANE!

Close_Second4736d ago

- Why do manufacturers offer two HD formats? because they can.
- Why does the PS3 cost so much? because Sony thought it could get away with it.
- Why don't all the 360 owners get together to make a stand? because those who have experienced the problems are still very much the minority.

Manufacturers will continue to use bullsh*t to make a sale or try to save face. Sony is no different from MS in that regard. I for one am sick and tired of the red ring of death and HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray debate.

I hope this site will soon start to return to reporting real news and not the kind of crap that just launches another pointless, change nothing, flame war between the Sony and Xbox camps.

dantesparda4736d ago

This site will never return to that, unless or until the fanboys on this site get so tired of it, that they just cant take it anymore. But that wont happen, because you'll always a fresh supply of new guys to take their place. But the first guy is absolutely right! MS is able to get away with this, because of the all fanboys protecting them. I swear that it seems like everybody and their mothers 360 is dying. And you still got fanboys on this site trying to downplay it and protecting them, cuz god forgive, if you should say anything bad about their beloved 360 or MS. Its pathetic and you people need to stop that sh!t, its just a fvcking video game system, its not some "loved" one.

I'll admit that if you are still under warranty, its doesnt seem that bad, cuz MS will take care of it for free, and the worst that'll happen is that you'll get stuck waiting for it (which for me was about a week). And that aint that bad (unless you are a big fiend that has to play games and cant wait). I know cuz I've gone through this, my 1st 360, a Nov 22nd launch unit put me through this. It lasted about 80-something days and then died! The whole ordeal was not that bad, but i couldnt believe it broke, but oh well life goes on and MS fixed it, and the worst was that i was without my 360 for about a week. Not that bad. But now my 2nd 360, (the replacement 360) is dead! and its out of warranty cuz its a yr and 3 months old/later. And now is when the sh!t has hit the fan. I do know want to pay MS out of principle. Cuz i feel like they are trying to rip me off and i do not want to succumb to their bullsh!t. They want $70, which is better than the $139 they wanted originally. But truthfully, it is still to much! I shouldnt have to pay a damn thing! for it's their fault that this system is dead, not mine, because it is a faulty system. And i shouldnt have to pay no $590 to play this sh!t ($400 for the system, then $20 tax, then 2 yrs of live, which i only got 1 yr and a half out of, so i am losing out there too and now $70 more for repairs!?) and all for just 1 yr and 6 months worth of gaming? Im sorry but that is just not worth it and also the most expensive gaming experience i have ever had. And i am afraid that the paid replacement will just break down too after the 1 yr warranty is up.

"Oh but wait, dantesparda, there's more, you can buy the $50 two yr extended warranty, yay!" so now that makes the system cost me $640. And that is just to much. I have never bought a warranty in my life and i have never had anything break down on me within a yr and half. And if it did, then i would consider it junk! and that my friends, is what i am considering the Xbox 360 right now. I have one friend who is also on his 2nd 360, and it is starting to freeze up more and more all the time now. And he knows 2 other guys who's 360s have also just died. And my roommate knows 6 other people who's 360's all died around the same time as mine. And thats not even counting all the guys on my friends list who's 360s have died. And how about all the stories on the internet, the News, and the papers. So get your heads out of your @sses fanboys, because it's only a matter of time before it happens to you too. Then you'll see what it feels like

clownfacemcgee4736d ago

They always get slammed when they try to avoid questions regarding failure rates where as Sony or Nintendo get a pass on their crap like wrist straps or Connect failing or whatever else.

It's kind of unfair that they hit Microsoft so hard while saving the others.

sfinXters4736d ago

Not quite true - Nintendo got enough flame towards their was for the Wiimotes of Death.

As for Sony - the connection problems aren't that big as you might think - in most of cases the problems are coused by router configurations. I couldn't connect to Motorstorm too, but after I opened the correct ports on my router, the problem was gone.

And it is completely fair to bash MS for their quality. They are notorius for what they can do to their products. Look at Vista. (or Power Point).

onanie4736d ago

So... why is Microsoft getting a free pass here?

Why o why4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

that i have two close friends with 360's but even im not stupid enough to believe the failure rates 50% nor was that my angle I was just stating a fact and sorry if it offended ya. I also know more people with 360s but i cant comment on their experiences. IM NOT TROLLING SO BTFU. To further my point ms wont admit anything until they have fixed the problem or the 360 community stand up and be counted by not paying which might seem stubborn but if enough people reported their 360 broken and said they wont send it back if they were gunna be charged then ms would soon have to sort it out 1 way or the other. To make you feel even better ms isnt the only company that has treated its customers like shi+ at some point in time. With the ps2 sony tried to downplay some laser issues but when people started to get wind of this potential defect sony sorted it and i got MY console back with scrapes and authentic scratches with a new laser installed free of charge. Take a stand thats all i say. My missus had a problem with her original ipod battery that they totally refused to sort so i told her to ef em, get another mp3 player and she did. Also when people said they were having probs with the strap on the wii remotes it forced Nin to sort the problem so by the time we finally got our 1 it had the new strap they didnt just let more people smash their plasmas n lcds. Ill update my profile for ya NOT. What would my names have to do with you i never said that i had any system so checking my profile was so irrelevant

WIIIS14736d ago

HA! This is pathetic. This is the only issue that haters can pick against Xbox360 so they keep going on about it ad nauseum. And we all know its a lie. For a change, can we FFS hear you guys whine about something ELSE that's supposedly bad about Microsoft's console already?

Bloodmask4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

I have to wonder if these stories are true though, with 7 system replacements and so on. I could tell you honestly if I was having red ring problems with my system, I would be pissed if it happened multiple times.

One should always buy an extended warranty in my opinion when dealing with any expensive next gen hardware. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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