Eternal Sonata Update

Here's the good news: Eternal Sonata is complete. The bad news?

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Systematrix4732d ago

Should be worth the wait.

WIIIS14732d ago

There are just too many good games coming to 360 this year, I pity those who don't get to play them.

Rowland4732d ago

I hope this game isn't too 'cartoony' ...

SuperSaiyan44732d ago

It was 'ok' it didn't give me a great feeling like other RPG's I might get this but since its coming out in September then I think I will give it a pass - other games will be out by then that are imo better.

Rowland4732d ago

yeah. Two Worlds/Mass Effect particularly !

Silver3604732d ago

Looking forward to September. Eternal Sonata is just one of 3 RPG's due around that time. 360 is ramping up the experience for the fall. Sweet.

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