Tomb Raider episodes confirmed for Xbox 360

Eidos has confirmed that it plans to release Tomb Raider Anniversary on Xbox 360 as a series of downloadable episodes starting in September.

The content - Xbox Live's first ever serialisation of a full retail game - will be made available for owners of Tomb Raider Legend to purchase through Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Bloodmask4734d ago

The entire retail game available for download. Maybe this will be the first of a new trend and Xbox live will become a viable format for full retail games. It is definately a plus for publishers as discs and packaging are expensive. XBOX live could save companies a lot of money in the long run through digital distribution.

HELLFIREV14734d ago

What i was thinking. I mean. (examples of two games).
Example 1. You see a game on the internet and get excited about it and then go out and buy it. It turns out it wasn't as good as you thought and within a week you take it back.

Example 2. You see another game on the inty and get excited (but this one is only availible for DL). You DL a traning mission for free and the first level you (paid content). ou like it so DL set 1 of 3 of the campaign, you like it more so DL the rest. But your not into mutiplayer games so dont DL the MP pack (saveing bit of money). Or say if your into MP but not songle player so you DL the multiplayer (saveing bit of money).

What i'm getting at is that if you dont like the after you DL missions or whatever you dont have to DL the rest saveing you money. I see this as the way forward in the future and your wright Bloodmask it will save money and TIME as they wont have to ship to the publishers giving them more time to work on the game.

Nicosia4734d ago

Mwah on some points i like it though. But i feel more complete when i have the game in my hands though, it just feels more ''yours''. But yeah like HELLFIREV1 said its a good idea.

SuperSaiyan44734d ago

But none for you, if Shivering Isles is anything to go by then you will know it was around the same price as the retail version that came with complete packaging.
I bet they charge full price for this...

_insane_cobra4734d ago

Nope, the downloadable version is just $30.

gnothe14734d ago

the digital distribution of games IS GONNA HAPPEN!! developers want that!! an you ask why? because for stores like eb games an gamestop that does used game trade ins, the developers dont make any money off of the trade ins, only the new copies. so guess what, even thoug that game was sold 2 times the developers only gets paid for that game once. so they want to make sure that they make the money off of EVERY copy if they start to make them for download, you buy the game download it, once you beat it or if you dont like it, your only option is to delete it, theres no way to trade it in.that means there no more bargain bins with cheap used games anymore if this happens. I for one DONT want it to!!

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