Appletell: Dawn of the Dead Review

Appletell writes: "You are one of three people (a cop, a nurse or a salesman). They're weapon is numbers, yours is everything from a golf club to a shovel to a shotgun. There are positives and negatives to each, and you're likely going to use them all throughout the course of the game.

Controls are the usual iPhone fair. You've got a virtual d-pad on the left for movement, and a virtual d-pad on the right for aiming and attacking. Theoretically, this allows you to move one way and fire another, but it's a bit off. Movement is fine, but I found attacking hard to control. You can't just hold your thumb down, you have to tap or swipe in the direction you want to attack. Oftentimes I'd miss or the iPhone wouldn't register my swipe. Occasionally, it would send me attacking in the wrong direction. When you're completely surrounded by zombies, that can prove extremely frustrating."

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