CSM: Sleepover Party Review

CSM writes: "Not a game in the traditional sense, Sleepover Party is instead more of a party organizer for tweens and teens having friends over for the night. Players choose a theme, assign stickers representing each girl in attendance, and then select from some 60 activities organized by type. The majority of these activities, such as creating facial masks, doing each other's nails, or dressing each other like mannequins, actually take place in the real world, with an onscreen guide named Aimee leading girls through each step. There are also some very simple mini-games, such as blowing up balloons by pretending the Wii remote is a pump or using the Wii balance board to balance a tray, but there are very few of these. Players can create activity lists in advance of their party or wing it with quickstart mode, which selects a random group of activities."

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