Will Nintendo be threatened by Microsoft, Sony motion controllers?

If 2010 equals Battle of the 3D Televisions for home entertainment, then in video games it might be the Battle of Motion Controllers. With Microsoft's Project Natal promised to be available by holiday 2010 and Sony's motion controller now pushed to a fall 2010 launch as well, the Nintendo Wii looks like it will have tons of company in the world of newfangled control schemes.

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Fierce Musashi3219d ago

They better be bundled with the console and a free game. <_<

erathaol3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Even just bundling the E3 tech demo for the Wand and Milo for Natal would be good, that way people familiarize themselves with the technology.

As far as Nintendo being threatened, well that's only a matter of sales. Anyone can talk a big game but selling it is different,add to the fact that Nintendo still has plenty of iconic characters that they can whip out to spur sales at any given time. Its a tough road ahead to capture to casual audience and I'm still not even sure its a road worth taking.

N4g_null3219d ago

These are end game products. It will only expose the fact that ms and Sony really don't have what it takes to make fun games. Sure they have tech but it was bought talented game designers only exsist where they are excepted.

Just look at the eye toy and motion control on the ps3. I think they got a bowling game and that's it. Then on top of this we see almost a year before these controllers come out. This maybe a 32x moment for the hd consoles. Both of them have almost ran out of ammo.

On top of this their own pr from the past has built up a fanbase that hates developing and playing motion controls. Then you have to ask your self does the hd guys understand what e for every one means?

This is why pc mind set should stay on the pc. They are going to get murdered and yes they both have lag and take up 30-20% CPU power so yeah there will be lag along with other suprises.

Hd console development is going to be hell now lol like it already isn't.

If it does work cod will become quake 3 and so many people will get owned due to them using control pads. Hd dev would then reward less skill once again and give analogs lock on lol.

I really think motion control will be the reason next gen comes faster because it will fail on hd systems. They simply lack the games. I would love to be wrong because then we would get a next gen wii.

For these guys to fight nintendo they would have to become nintendo which only benifits nintendo if you understand nintendo. Lol

FamilyGuy3219d ago

Hopefully they both launch with note worth software titles because if they don't it would be hard to sell the products. Wii is only in danger of itself. Thee wii thing that could threaten the Wii is if Wii games or its lineup of games became less appealing to its fan base. In other words, if they tried to switch to mostly hardcore games when the majority of their fan base are casual gamers.

pcz3219d ago

And the answer is no. So why would people adopt the new microsoft and sony motion technology?

They should have waited until nintendo release the new wii and THEN release their rival technology.

The wiis market share is too great for rival technologies to get a look in.

In short, no they aren't a threat.

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nighmare233219d ago

indeed, really what can the wii do to counter? mind u we are talking about the "WII"

AWBrawler3219d ago

I wanna know what the HD consoles can do to counter Wii? because copying isn't going to work.

N4g_null3219d ago

Better yet what does hd consoles have to counter pcs. All hd gamers will be converted over to pc gamers watch. Natal will be used with windows watch. Ps3 will have the same terrible support from 3rd parties along with almost no motion controls. Once again we will see it is easier to talk junk than it is to do your job.

Only money is keeping hd afloat. Pretty sad. Maybe there won't be new consoles because they ran out of ideas yet they are both playing with fire right now. This one thing may make a lot of hd gamers pc gamers.

Kratos Spartan3219d ago

But I expect Sony to take motion control a step further. Think about this:

3D is coming
Their "Arc" is coming
PS Eye is here

They themselves(Sony)has stated that They've delayed Arc in order to bring an entertainment experience unlike any other. Sony may have something big in the works to revolutionize the industry once again. And remember, they took what Nintendo did best, and did it better.
It seems Nintendo sets the standard for how you control a game, and then Sony comes and 1-ups it.

hatchimatchi3219d ago

No, the ps3/360 market is completely different from that of the Wii. The ps3/360 are trying to tap into what nintendo has done this generation but it won't work.

The one thing that might threaten nintendo is that if 3rd parties have a few hits on the ps3/360 with motion control they might ignore the Wii more than they already are.

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