Local Co-op Confirmed, Along with Other Details in "The Grinder"

The following information comes from Nintendo Power...

- you play as a group of characters on an alternate version of earth, where monsters are real
- characters: Hector, a Mexican bounty hunter, Doc is a doctor, Miko is a Japanese assassin and AJ is the sole survivor of a slasher attack on her sorority
- two-player co-op either local or through wifi
- MotionPlus support

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ChickeyCantor3219d ago

2 player?
Thought they said 4 player co-up online.

AEtherbane3219d ago

Its 2 player local, and you can bundle up and go split screen online with another 2 people also with split screen... so that makes 4

quantumriian3219d ago

@ aetherbane: I find that really hard to believe.

I think 4 player is out the window and they went for two player online and two player local. I'm still looking forward to the game but the lack of four-player co-op is definitely disappointing. It would be cool if there were AI teammates running around to fill out the roster to 4, either 3 when playing solo or 2 when playing multiplayer. In addition to said AI teammates, it would be cool to have the option to turn them on or off/ decide how many tag along.