3D Tech Demo

Create a 3D model of a face just from a picture.

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MK_Red4727d ago

Holy moly, thats something. The first parts are rather TES Oblivion looking but the parts with Tom Hanks and Audrey are stunnung. + Mona Lisa in 3D!!?

Crazyglues4727d ago

This is just Amazing, I hope this is the software they will use for future games on PS3 because that's just unreal.

When he did the tom hanks My jaw just dropped to the floor. That was amazing... just simply amazing. Picture being able to ad yourself to MGS4 using eyetoy camera, and from on pic - have the computer render the rest of you and add it to the game so you could be a partner of Snakes. Or just be added to the story - so you see yourself in rendered scenes.

OMG! how cool would that be... LoL

BIadestarX4727d ago

@Crazyglues or for that matter to any game for any console. That way anyone can benefit from this technology. or maybe I missed the part where this is made by Sony. is it?

id dot entity4727d ago

Pretty cool tech they got there.

TheBigL053R4727d ago

The possibilities for that technology... Wow.

Figboy4726d ago

this is awesome.

why hasn't this story gotten more comments?

i guess everyone is still in the daily flamewar threads...

Lord Anubis4726d ago

nice, this should save development time for any studio although I would hate if it was sold as a separate middleware solution.