Crysis 2 takes the crisis to New York

The supersuit-enhanced cat has officially leaped out of the bag, folks -- Crysis 2 will be set in New York City. According to a "World Exclusive" Twitter image of the next PlayStation: The Official Magazine's cover (partially seen above), the upcoming sequel plans to give players a chance to blast off the faces of "aliens invading NYC," employing the already teased "Nanosuit 2.0."

As the Crysis 2 cover is set for the March issue of PTOM, we expect to start hearing more details on the sequel over the next few weeks as subscribers start getting their copies (and subsequently begin filling the internet with said details).

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THE MAX SPEED 213219d ago

NEW YORK the city lights will make u feel Brand newwww. lol hell yeah

mjolliffe3219d ago

I did say the concrete jungle :)

FantasyStar3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

No offense to New Yorkers, but I'm tired of games taking place in New York.

Ah, Ares wrote my thoughts down nicely.

superrey193218d ago

Yea, game designers should consider other cities. There are plenty of big, memorable cities with plenty of landmarks that they can use.

DeadlyFire3218d ago

I hope destruction is implemented. I can't imagine the FPS lag we can get from blowing up NYC in Crysis 2. You know someone will play with the SDK and make it so if there is destruction. I hope there is.

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tdrules3219d ago

former open world game turned corridor shooter.
wonder what brought that about...

JsonHenry3219d ago

It was dumbed down for consoles more than likely.

JsonHenry3219d ago

Ah, never mind. That was sarcasm in your statement.

TABSF3219d ago


SilentNegotiator3219d ago

Who knows? Maybe it'll be a bit more linear, but I don't think that they will change the freedom to your method of approach too much.

DaTruth3218d ago

You know how amazing this would have been PC exclusive? A fully rendered real time and destructible New York City! Nuclear barrels taking down entire buildings... while your in them! Utilizing whatever the next direct X is!

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Pandamobile3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

What the christ.

My February PC Gamer magazine had a screenshot of a park. I guess it's Central Park.

ThePostalDudeX3219d ago

Lol I had the same reaction, Maybe Central park will serve as a jungle of some sort?

TheIneffableBob3219d ago

They said a "different kind of jungle."

Concrete jungle.

badz1493219d ago

remember the tech demo for CryEngine 3? it shows a lot of footage of buildings, skycrappers etc. so...Crysis 2 set somewhere in a big city is a given. but NYC? hmm...they're aiming BIG!

Erotic Sheep3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Imagine all the endless possibilities we could have when exploring Central Park!! We'd be done in like... 5 minutes!
Bringing Crysis to the consoles was a bad idea :\ This is one of those games that should have remained on the PC.

What I do hope is that Crysis will remain on the island and eventually, maybe a final scene, will take place in New York.

toaster3218d ago

Open world games set in New York worked well for the most part. Spider Man franchise did a good job of making the player feel like they could go anywhere. With CryEngine 3 they could put a lot more detail into the city and make it feel real, and maybe more than just copy/paste buildings so you can actually go inside them. Sort of what Enter the Matrix tried to accomplish.

Let's hope the consoles don't dumb this game down too much. Should have stayed on PC.

superrey193218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

While you make a good point, you need to realize that this isn't Spiderman. While the suit in Crysis kicks ass, i doubt it can be used to leap buildings,etc. I hope they do not add super crazy new features to the suit like running up the side of buildings like in Prototype... that would just kill the realism. So yeah, i wouldn't be surprised it if was more of a corridor shooter.

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MetalGearRising3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Awesome gobsmacked this is gonna be epic biblical proportion graphically eye candy next to Halo Reach. Crysis 2 will shake the foundations of gaming from beneath your feet.

Nambassa3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Did you just say NEXT to Halo Reach? Oh my, funniest thing I've read all day... hahahahaha

Nambassa3219d ago

Why the disagrees? People actually think that Halo Reach will be as good as Crysis 2 graphically? HAHA

cmrbe3219d ago

this game and Rage. I'll be getting both on PC. In the end however Starcraft 2 will rule them all. I can't believe its been almost 12 years already.

TooTall193219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I can't believe all the disagrees you got for speaking the truth. And Starcraft 2 will be insane

Sillyace923219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Maybe Crytek actually wanted to make money off of their hard work, instead of relying on so called "True" pc gamers who pirate everything. Ever think of that.

Darkfocus3219d ago

I'm sure they made a profit off it, not to mention it outsold FarCrys lifetime sales in 1.5 months and warhead runs the same engine so production cost for that would have been cheaper

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