Gaming Age: LittleBigPlanet: Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit Review

GA writes: "When the teaser for water in LittleBigPlanet hit the net at least half a year ago, I remember the amount of uncharted wilderness my imagination escaped to. So much that I started building in my head the possibilities that existed for custom levels and how much potential the element presented. It was literally like putting the underwater Lego sets actually underwater and playing with them as a kid. My initial thoughts were that this could actually breathe a second life into the game's online community. Was I wrong? Well, it depends on who you are."

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ChozenWoan3251d ago

1 LBP level at a time.

I love this game! =)

redsquad3251d ago

The new water is brilliant! I built a rocket powered boat and put a lot of work into it: Tweaking the power and angle of the rocket, weight of the material and fiddling with the design and such all took quite a while, but it was so rewarding when I finally powered the craft through the water.

The POTC levels are fun too, using the water effects very well. Definately deserves that score!

TehCell3251d ago

This game is boring. Id rather play Mario.
"bu, bu, teh create ur own levlz"

Ive had more fun with RPGMaker.

Cyrax_873251d ago

And you say people disagree with you because you have a different opinion? You're clearly trolling, hell, I'm even gonna take a bubble from you now and I never do that.

TehCell3251d ago

Gawsh dude can you like, stop following me?
Monitoring every post/comment/opinion I make.
Its not my fault my opinion bothers you.
Its your fault for having a different one.
If I was clearly trolling, I wouldnt state reasons for my opinions.
I really do have more fun with RPGMaker, a 2000 game.
Feel better?

Cyrax_873251d ago

I actually OWN a PS3 and I own LittleBigPlanet, that's why I checked out this topic. You clearly don't own this game or a PS3, and from your post, you obviously have no interest in owning either of them. You are trolling. And if you feel you have to "share your opinion with every game", why don't I ever see you saying negative things about 360 games?

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